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    Residents of Gunderson Acres



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    Residents of Gunderson Acres

    Post by Mortis on Fri Jun 10, 2016 4:59 pm

    Animals of Gunderson Acres


    Samhain and Angemort

    Killed and brought back from the grave through Mortis' efforts, these two draft mares are just as resilient and immortal as their creator. Undeath has granted them supernatural abilities, albeit limited to physical attributes given their lower intelligence. They are freakishly powerful, unable to grow tired, and do not require food or drink. Both are steadfastly loyal to the sheep-skulled undead and recognize him as their master.

    Both horses are towering creatures, standing 24 hands at the shoulder. This translates to eight feet at the shoulder, when their heads are erect, they loom over many mortal steeds around a towering eleven feet.

    Samhain and Angemort are Combat Able NPCs.
    This means that if a fight breaks out, and either Samhain, Angemort, or both are with Mortis or on the property; they will get involved. In a fight, both of them will use the Universal NPC account. Both Samhain and Angemort are ranked at lvl 60 in terms of health stats and damage, they do not scale to their opponents.


    Of the two mares, Samhain is by far the most ruthless. Her presence inspires terror, and her empty, perpetually smiling gaze easily stirs unease in those who meet it. Upon being turned undead, she was granted the ability of quick travel; able to disappear into a cloud of ethereal mist and transcend upon another plane to move swiftly across long distances. Days of travel are reduced to hours, perhaps even minutes. Samhain's mind is just as quick as her hooves, as of the two she is also gifted with being more clever. She responds exceptionally well to commands, and is smart enough to operate on her own and take care of her master in a conflict. Both of these traits have made her Mortis' favorite steed, and he tends to travel with her far more often than he does with Angemort.

    The mare however tends to have a sadistic streak, and tends to spend her spare time harassing the smaller denizens that wander onto the property. She thrives in conflict and strife, and happily leaps into a fight, much to the dismay of her master who would rather she keep a low profile. Surprise visitors are of course greeted with her rictus grin, but she is far from pleasant. Any stranger who thinks to arrive at Mortis' humble home unannounced beware, for she will likely be the first and possibly last face they see.

    Riding Tack Imagery

    Slower and a little more gentle than her sister. Angemort is neither clever nor swift like her sister, but she is a very attentive mare nonetheless. Though she cannot swiftly travel long distances, she is still incredibly strong and sturdy. Angemort happily does labor upon the farm, but often longs to go out like her sister does and travel with her master instead of stay home all the time. However, this is curbed by her secondary job, which is to look after the resident lamb; Woolie, when Mortis is unable to take her with him. The mare proves herself to be a competent guardian and a patient playmate to the smaller resident. If the lamb is out grazing, one will tend to see her out in the meadow alongside her, happily joining her -although the grass just falls right through her ribs-.

    When she is home with her sister, Angemort will tend to follow her around, which more often than not gets her into as much trouble as the grinning mare. She does not look for trouble like Samhain does, but Angemort has one mischievous habit that she cannot help but entertain:

    Hats, especially ones sitting upon heads, look especially tasty. She cannot help but try and have a nibble at them. Sometimes ears also fall into this category if they are long enough, along with horns, or anything else that tends to protrude noticeably from the head.

    Tack Imagery



    Woolie is the first living resident of Mortis' home, and the undead superfiend treats the ewe like a daughter. Most of what he grows on the farm is for her, in terms of what is in the garden. She was adopted during a cold March evening, where Mortis had found her in the snow. Ever since he had been raising her, the ewe thinks of him as her 'Ma', and likes to follow him around; the two are nigh inseparable. Woolie loves to travel with him, and will gladly meet new people when he is around taking her on walks in the park during a trip to the city.

    During the day while Mortis is on the farm, Woolie can be found grazing in the meadow the superfiend has cleared for her, never straying too far from Angemort. In the evening, she is usually indoors, lounging with Mortis on the couch while he reads or watches TV.

    Woolie is a little black sheep, and stands at only 25 inches in height at the shoulder.

    Her Usual Outfits (subject to change)


    Ombre is the one avian resident of the farm, and the second living creature that Mortis has allowed to stay with him, aside from Woolie. However, his role on the farm is that of a messenger, and is often on the wing carrying letters instead of sitting around the property. When he is on the farm, he can be seen flapping after Samhain when she manages to catch and kill an intruder, happily cleaning up the mess that the mare tends to leave behind. All the while excitedly croaking in anticipation of a free meal. Ombre sleeps in the loft of the barn, which has been converted into a comfortable roost.

    He is a massive bird, known as an Andean Condor. Ombre's wings when open and soaring measure a staggering 11 feet from wingtip to wingtip, and even when his wings are closed, the bird is nearly the size of a large dog.

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