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    Oh Boy, A Vacation!



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    Oh Boy, A Vacation!

    Post by Mortis on Fri May 13, 2016 9:35 pm

    Time: Early Morning
    Date: May 6, 0007

    Just one more check...

    Mortis went around to Samhain's saddlebags as she had stood in the barn entrance, the black leather of her riding tack creaking slightly as she watched him circle around her for a second time since he got everything packed. Woolie, of course, was right on her Ma's heels, watching expectantly as he flipped open the various packs and ensured everything was in proper order and nothing was forgotten.

    Milk formula and bottle, check. He flipped the lid of the bag upon the horse's shoulder closed and secured it down, making a note in the leatherbound journal he kept on his person with a runty nub of what used to be a pencil. Now, the lead could hardly be discerned from where the eraser began, especially in the ghoul's large talons.

    Fishing equipment, shotgun, ammunition, blankets, fishing field guide, medical kit, and his guitar.

    check, check, check, check, and...check!

    The low puff snorted next to him, not from the imposing Samhain, who was waiting patiently for her master to ensure they were ready to leave, but a very excited Angemort. Her front hooves stamped impatiently, and the bony whip that was what remained of her tail flicked about as if it were keeping a tempo. The pace of course being; hurry up! I want to get going! She wanted to see this big watery place master had talked about, to know what sand was. Oh, and the big trees, bigger than the ones that grew around the farm, she wanted to see those too! "All in good time, Angemort." Mortis soothed, turning to give the mare a pat on the side of her rotting neck. She had been excited about the trip ever since the superfiend had propositioned it! ... In hindsight maybe it would have been best to keep it something of a surprise. The undead mare tugged a little, jostling the trailer that was hitched to her powerful body. Resting securely within it was a boat, the only means of propulsion being two oars that were resting down on its floor. A few other things were within it that the ghoul had already checked off, a couple of coolers filled with bags of ice, a sheep-sized flotation jacket, along with a case of beer.

    Woolie seemed to share her nanny's sentiments, as she jumped up and propped her delicate front hooves upon Mortis' leg. Her wobbly black ears piqued towards him, and her equally dark mouth opened in a loud baa. Chilly as it was this morning, the ghoul had been keen on putting a thick sweater on her to keep warm. This one was a pastel pink with yellow floral patterns knitted lovingly all around. It would be some time before she grew a wool coat of her own to stave off the cold, especially where they were going.

    The northern bay, just beneath the tundra. Remote, scenic, but above all... not infested with demon spawn.

    "Ah, sssettle down. We will be leaving ssshortly." Mortis hissed, placing the nub of a pencil he had in the same hand that held the journal, giving the lamb a small pat on the head with his freed hand. His tail flicked idly beneath the cover of his overcoat as he closed up the book and stowed it away within an inside pocket alongside the pencil. Afterwards he knelt upon the dusty floor of the barn, the lamb wiggling her tail as she hopped off of her ma and watched as he undid his jacket and unzipped himself to reveal where she would be sitting for the trip. The ever familiar abdominal cavity, lined with a plush blanket to keep the bony edges from poking or digging into her tender little lamb body. By now Woolie need not be coaxed to have a seat, as the black lamb climbed in and made herself comfortable as Mortis zipped himself up, careful not to accidentally snag her long tail or her delicate ears.

    Though, she was rowing so quickly, he figured by the end of the summer he would need to find a different way to carry her when it came to these trips. Already she had to shuffle a bit to find a suitable resting position, and even then her nose was starting to poke out of the holes of his leathers without her needing to move too much. Then again... She was getting pretty good at balancing on Angemort's back as she ambled around the meadow.

    Something to think about for later on, he decided. He climbed up onto Samhain's back, situating himself in the saddle and urged her forward. Angemort gave a happy nicker as she followed close behind, anticipating the cloud of mist that her sister would be summoning to transport them all. Days of travel, cut down to hours, a mere fraction of what it would be if they had to gallop the whole way.

    Well, they still would, but it was a much shorter run than it would usually be. Her sister lead their short parade down to the driveway and onto the road, their trotting gait quickly building to a canter, then a gallop. Near immediately thick mist started to accumulate around them, the two undead horses and their rider quickly devoured in the growing cloud. Neither of them exited out the other side... At least in this part of the continent.

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