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    Post by Mortis on Mon May 09, 2016 1:08 pm

    Time: 1:00 PM
    Date: April 20, 0006

    Even with Samhain's supernatural talents, Mortis had managed to return home just ahead of the storm. Lightning snapped and slithered through the heavens a few miles off, but the thunder's rumble may as well have been right on top of the house. He found Angemort and Woolie near the barn, the lamb's playmate and nanny already well aware of the change in weather.

    It made the ghoul pleased that he made the correct choice in who to have keep an eye on the lamb when he was not around.

    The three carcasses he and Samhain had picked up were placed in the loft to be dealt with later, and both of the mares were ushered into the barn's shelter until the storm passed. Woolie of course was brought into the house, an easy task since the lamb was not only happy her Ma was home, but also scared of the booming thunder overhead. Now, the storm was snapping and billowing over the humble homestead, and from where he lay on the couch, he could see the long grasses being battered around from its furious gale.


    He glanced down to where Woolie was curled up on his chest, the black lamb's ears flicking forward and back every so often as a new growl or roar rumbled above the roof. Although, that was only a mild distraction from her inspection of the long rakes that had torn into her Ma's chest. What had happened to him while he was gone? She knew little about the attempted hunt, or even that there were wolves around to begin with, much less a dragon. For the best, Mortis decided. The grasslands were vast, and his home was merely one of many simple farms that dotted the rolling hills and clipped checkered patterns of greens and gold upon them. Aside from the two undead horses that could be mistaken for rotting carcasses when at rest, his simple home refused to draw much attention. Yet, out of the miles and miles of rolling hills and long grasses, something had managed to take notice of him.

    Something that was not very fond of the undead roaming the land to the point of attacking with little provocation. The ghouls' yellowed talons reached up to gently scratch behind Woolie's ears as she sniffed at the long claw marks. His gaze turned back out towards the storm outside, the ghoul's mind still going back over this morning's events...

    As he had been leaving, his attacker had either been very bold, or very foolish to decide to come in so close to follow them out. As he had kept his sockets and his gun barrel on the crimson dragon, it had been content to glide just out of range, but not far enough that the undead could not get a good, clear look of who decided to greet him claws-first. The creature he knew certainly now, was Arro, the dragon his brother had met more than a few times in the Sanctuary in the evening. He had said the animal was more interested in merely poking his nose in and observing than outright interfering, but after today...

    Today the dragon had proved it would interfere even if the ghoul was simply out and about hunting. Diminishing the local wolf population by one small pack -even less, since the remaining three members managed to escape- had been enough to throw the animal into a rage. From what he gleaned from the dragon's scant thoughts, he had decided the grasslands were his, and what could stay and what could not were his to decide.

    A dangerous game, to be sure.

    "Sssss..." His thoughts turned to his brother, or more what he and Kev had talked about regarding their plans for the summer. Had they not mentioned they were thinking of taking Livewire up with them to the grasslands to stay at Kev's cottage? If an undead's mere presence, not outright threatening the flying creature's well being, could affront it... What were the chances a similar event could happen to his brother as well? The cybertronian was not doing well, for what reason was his brother's business, and Kev, naturally would go on the defensive -or maybe offensive- if Arro suddenly decided to attack Fear for little to no reason as well.

    His gentle scratches behind the lamb's soft ears ceased for a small moment as his thoughts grew deeper. Woolie glanced up, as if questioning why the scratchies had ceased, but no answer came. All she saw was Ma looking out through the glass of the sliding side door. Lightning snapped and briefly illuminated the world in a cold light before slipping away as quickly as it arrived. She pressed her nose against his hand, attempting to coax the towering superfiend into giving her more. Mortis' hand began flexing and relaxing gently against the side of her neck, more distant than doting his usual attentiveness upon the black lamb. Part of him said to bring up the matter to his brother, and another pondered the damage that could come to their family if he did not. Things could get either disastrous, or a complicated mess should the dragon decide to pull a stint like that again... but things would be far worse if he said nothing.

    Mortis' sheep skull remained on the roiling squall outside, and across the psychic void he opened a communication with his brother. Fear, my apologiesss for ssspeaking with you ssso sssuddenly, but my messsage isss important. If you decide to come out to the grassslandsss with Livewire and Kev, be careful. Thisss day while I had been out, the dragon had flown down and attacked me with little to no provocation. He thinksss thisss entire expanssse of feildsss isss hisss, and that he isss itsss keeper, to the point where it will sssuddenly sstrike over the presssence of an undead hunting out in its wilderness, the deathsss of mere beasstss. He relayed his message, along with the recollection of what had transpired earlier. How the beast dove out of the air in a blinding streak, being knocked from Samhain's back and how the animal continued to circle overhead as he and the undead steed reclaimed their kills from the field. Within Mortis' memory Fear would find the image of the dragon attempting to follow them clear and unhindered, as the beast glided lazily behind both superfiend and steed mere yards away, and kept pressing even as mist enveloped both of them. Afterwards he soon added; I sssaw him clearly, and I am certain it issss the sssame dragon that vissitsss the Sssanctuary. If you ssstill wisssh to come out here and ssspend the sssummer, I sssuggessst you bring protection, sssomething that firesss quickly with long range, and roundsss that can pierce armor. I trussst you will inform Kev of thisss threat asss well. His sibilant warning was given, and hopefully received. Not that his brother may not be able to hear his message, but not everything could be predicted so readily.

    Fear and Kev had enough eventfulness to last them a few years without adding a territorial dragon possibly spoiling what peace they could get.

    That done, he looked down to Woolie as he awaited confirmation that his brother heard him, just in time to notice the young lamb starting to nibble at the tattered edges of the gashes in his overcoat. The ghoul gently moved her face away from the straggly fibers. "Don't eat that." He softly scolded, the lamb glancing up at him before deciding to nibble at the edges of his talons instead.

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