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    Free day

    Post by Leo on Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:18 pm

    Time: 1:00 PM
    Date: 04/18/16

    Man he had been having a wonderful time sleeping, at least until something roughly about the size of his daughter had landed on him. Leo rubbed at his ribs which were still a little sore from Kat's early morning dive bomb.

    How anyone could be up so early and have so much energy right out of bed was beyond him...God, to be young again.


    Leo turned around to find a small, very green, VERY UNHAPPY caterpillar shoved into his face. "Look him squirm!" Kat waved the poor insect around before setting it in her hand.

    "Kat, you gotta be gentle with the little guy." Leo reached out to stop the other from continuously poking the little wriggling bug. "Put it back on the bush honey, you're going to squish him if you're not careful."

    Kat looked a little offended, but after a little hesitation she took the unhappy caterpillar and put him on a nearby leaf. "I'm going to go climb to the top of the spider web, you'll watch right?" She turned her head up to look at her dad, waiting to hear his answer.

    "Sure," Leo nodded, taking his seat back down on the park bench. "You just be careful okay?"

    "Sure! I'll be careful!" She hollered, taking off towards the metal webbing and quickly began to climb it.

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