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    Meeting the Family



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    Meeting the Family

    Post by Mortis on Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:47 am

    Time: 9:00 AM
    Date: April 25th, 0006


    Little hooves thudded upon dense carpet, and quickly traversed to hard tile as their owner excitedly bounded around the house. Today was a special day, an exciting day. Though the lamb's knowledge of the world was sparse and limited due to her age, she knew clearly that they would be traveling today, to somewhere new! Ma had told her she had uncles, two of them! ... Whatever an uncle was. But the way her bone-faced caretaker had described them, uncles were nice and fun.

    The towering undead in question was lurking decisively around the house, a saddle bag in hand as he moved about. "Ssss..." He glanced down to the contents, the second time since he started packing. Admittedly what he had in there was sparse, but he wanted to be certain the lamb had everything she would need. So far the ghoul had placed her favorite toy within its confines. A simple red ball with a colorful rope strung through it. Ever since the ghoul had bought it, Woolie had been either rolling it around with her nose or nibbling at the edges of the rope. Sometimes the little black lamb even bounced up to him and demanded the ghoul rolled it around for her so she could hop after it.

    Now, the lamb was hopping after him as he went into the rear foyer, his sights set on the row of wooden hooks that jutted out of the wall next to the back door. Upon one of them hung his overcoat, a few others held fresh sweaters for the lamb for when she went out to play on a cold day, and the last one had an adjustable body harness and a leash hanging from it. The bag was set on the short bench just next to it and spread open, the moment it was left alone Woolie approached and started investigating it. Long talons reached up and plucked the sweaters carefully from the hooks, one of them being a vibrant rainbow-striped piece of clothing, and the other was equally colorful, a solid pink that stood out brilliantly from her dark wool. When one stayed on a farm that had acres of space to run around in, it paid to put the energetic baby in something that could be seen for acres around in any direction.

    Especially when the snow began to thaw and reveal plant life that consisted of dead browns and dark greens.

    Two more sweaters, a red and white polka dotted one and a purple striped one were carefully folded and placed with the others, a small stack forming next to the lamb's toy. Maybe it was a little much to pack so many warm clothes for her, but when a lamb decided to run around and play, nothing about them stayed clean for long. Empty sockets looked over the stack, counting them before another thought sprang up in his mind, immediately his gazed turned to the lamb, who was already wearing a colorful sweater with red trim he had custom tailored to fit her warmly. Good, everything was accounted for, he thought, and the undead's snout turned back to focus on his packing. As he was adjusting the stack so it would not fall over in the pack, the undead's senses piqued at a sound.

    nik nik nik nik...

    All it took was a glance downward to see the source. Woolie, the mischievous girl, had decided to nibble on the leather strap that was supposed to secure the bags to Samhain's saddle. "Tssk, Woolie, don't eat that." He hissed, gently removing the strap from her mouth and moving it to drape over the other side of the bench, and out of her reach. The lamb's eyes squinted and her ears flicked back for a scant moment as the leather was moved away, before she turned her dark eyes up to the ghoul.

    But it tastes good! The lamb baaed, her voice known only to the ghoul's thoughts. I like the chewie! She stepped toward the bag again, sniffing at it and attempting to nibble at another portion. Her efforts were met with the superfiend moving the bag away from her snout and to the other end of the bench.

    "No, that isss not a chewie, that isss a bag." He corrected patiently, but it was already too late, for the lamb gave an irate toss of her little head and stomped over to the entrance of the hallway. Another few irritated sways of her head given before she gave a small jump and kicked the air with her rear hooves. Even baby animals threw tantrums it seemed. "Ssss... Woolie, don't ssstart. You would not want to begin your visssit with Uncle Fear and Uncle Kev acting sssour, would you?" He rasped, taking the harness and leash down from the hook, gnarled talons placing them neatly in the bag. The lamb remained silent, her tail flicking as her ears flicked back and then forward, as if contemplating.

    ...But I want a chewie. Samhain gets chewies all the time and never shares!

    Oh. The ghoul paused in the middle of closing up the bag, quickly connecting the dots in his mind. Samhain, being the ornery beast she was, tended to like to chew on anything that scampered, skittered, and screeched. She liked to stick them in the field for days on end and let them fester before entertaining herself with them again. The things she called chewies had no place being in anyone's mouth, especially Woolie's. Well, he supposed there was no time like the present to correct the lamb before she started sticking things in her mouth over envy. Especially dead things. His tone was gentle as he slowly explained the situation. "Woolie, dearessst, you do not want what Sssamhain chewsss on. Her chewiesss are nassty."

    What? The lamb turned to face her towering adoptive parent, eyes squinting slightly. Ma thought she wanted Samhain's chewies? They were stinky and messy, they did not smell like they were any fun at all! Of course, the lamb failed to consider her best playmate was a big, stinky horse carcass, but Angemort was fun! Samhain on the other hoof... She was just mean and stinky. No, she wanted her own chewie. Her ears pinned back once more and her head swayed side to side again as if she wanted to butt something.

    "Oh... good. That isss good." The ghoul sighed in relief, securing the bag shut with a few metallic clicks as he adjusted the buckle. He retrieved his coat from the hook and pulled it onto his shoulders, the saddle bags slung over it soon after as he approached and bent at the waist to give the little lamb a scratch between the ears. "How about thisss, if you behave at Uncle Fear and Uncle Kev'sss houssse today, when you get home I'll have a chewie for you to play with." The lamb's ears perked forward and she looked up at him, her head lightly jostled by Ma's affection.

    All her own?

    No nasty Samhain spit on it?

    "Yesss, all your own." He hissed, nodding in affirmation. The lamb gave a happy baa and wiggled her rope-like tail. She was going to get a chewie! There had to be someplace that sold mineral licks for her to chew on, and the knowledge that she technically already had a chewie in his saddlebag touched his thoughts.

    Well, he could humor her this one time. Adding some minerals to her diet aside from what she gained from grass and milk formula would do the lamb some good.

    He knelt down, grasping the chain link nearest to the zipper-pull and opened his leathers down to the edge of his pelvic bone. Inside his host's abdominal cavity was already prepared for her presence, a thick blanket snugly pressed into Mortis' pelvic girdle, which smelled of dryer sheets and incense. "Come, Woolie, it isss time we go to meet your unclesss." The superfiend rasped sweetly, removing his hand from the lamb's head to help open the remnants of his old uniform a little wider for her. She clambered inside, turning a little before settling on her belly. All ready to go with Ma to meet the uncles!

    Mortis carefully zipped up his leathers, the overcoat drawn over it and buttoned as he stood and turned to the back door. Outside he could hear Samhain waiting, her hoof pawing at the ground as she looked towards the door impatiently. She too wanted to see Master Fear again, although they would be visiting only for a moment to drop the lamb off. The back door opened and the ghoul stepped out onto the back porch, claws scraping against the cement squares. He closed the door, approaching the undead steed to put the bags on, and then situated himself in the saddle.

    He need only think for the animal to start moving, a dense mist encompassing the wayward trio as they ventured towards the city.

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