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    The Simple Life Is Never So Simple



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    The Simple Life Is Never So Simple

    Post by Mortis on Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:14 am

    Time: 9:30 AM
    Date: April 20, 0006

    The sun had long since risen over Gunderson Acres for the morning, as light filtered in through the spaces between the blind's of Mortis' home. Patterns of light traveled over the kitchen counter, reflecting and fading along with the cloud cover that drifted lazily by outside. Back in the study, the warm morning sunlight reached across the carpet and provided the ideal sunning place for a knobby-kneed lamb. Her nose twitched, the lamb's fuzzy lips still a little frothy from her breakfast of warm formula. Near her was a brightly colored ball with a thick rope strung through it, one of Woolie's favored toys to play with while she was inside.

    Although she tended to take it outside too, despite how the undead mares were wont to run off with it while she was distracted.

    Every so often her ears flicked and swiveled around, as the quiet sound of a pen scrawling across paper registered in her senses. The source was her adoptive parent, the sheep-skulled superfiend sitting at his desk and adding to an extensive record. Days, times, fluid volumes, and some added note details were carefully taken down, just as he had done for the line above it.

    Week 8, Day 48

    8:30 - sheep milk replacement 500ml  - drank well, drained the bottle

    Granted, she always drained the bottle, but since Woolie was but a lamb, and lambs were notoriously hard to raise health-wise, Mortis was not about to press his luck. Speaking of which, in two more weeks she was going to be due for another set of vaccinations. Thankfully the vet clinic in the city was just as open to treating livestock as it was to serving those who owned cats or dogs. Mortis set down his pen, glancing over at the black lamb as she yawned and wiggled her tail. As if noticing that the towering undead's gaze was on her her, the lamb's ears perked a little and she looked at him thoughtfully before bleating.

    "Yesss, I sssupposse you have waited patiently enough, go to the back door and I'll get a sssweater on you for outssside." Mortis permissed, the gentleness in his tone sounding strange wih the depth and roughness of his voice.

    Her tail wiggled, and the lamb quickly got to her feet, shaking her fluffy head before bouncing out into the hall. The ghoul leaned to the side a little to look out the open door as he closed the notebook. He could hear her little hooves thumping on the carpet, but not where she was supposed to be...

    "The other back door." He hissed after her.

    There was another high pitched baa and the black lamb quickly ran past the study's doorway again, coming fro. the family room. Woolie had thought they were going to exit out the sliding door instead of through the rear foyer. Pushing aside his chair, Mortis stood and stepped out of the study and turned to see the lamb's nose poking around the corner, impatient to go out. The vigor of youth was at times hard to keep up with, even in his immortal state. Upon seeing him come towards the foyer, Woolie turned and bounced towards the door, propping her front hooves on the wood to try and peek out the window. Right next to it was a line of coat hangers, where Mortis' overcoat, along with a line of lamb-sized sweaters, hung.

    As Mortis took down a bright red one, Woolie took her hooves off the door and trotted up to him, bleating excitedly and pacing around his emaciated legs. "Ssstand ssstill. One would believe I never let you outssside with the fusss you make." The ghoul instructed, a small chuckle escaping him as the lamb wiggled her tail and bounced again before coming to wait in front of him. She patiently stood still -or at least as still as she could manage- as Mortis knelt down and fitted the thick covering over her head  and slipped her legs in through the sleeves.

    Soon he slipped his own coat on and opened the door to step outside, the little lamb bounding out in front of him and onto the dirt drive that both the house and barn were situated on. He shut the door behind him, looking back towards the baby sheep just in time to see her nibble at the dirt before trotting off towards the shade tree that stood a short walk away from the house. Although as he was following her over, the ghoul's skull swiveled to take in the vast expanse of overgrown fields. With the weather steadily getting warmer, he would be able to make a good evaluation of whether or not the acreage he had would make for a suitable grazing area for Woolie, especially as plants started to come into bloom and therein become more noticeable.

    For now, there was still a thin layer of snow covering the ground, but in a few days he figured he would be able to survey the entirety of the property.

    Further out he could see the unmistakable forms of his two undead mares, standing side by side near the old wooden fence. However as he kept looking at them his pace slowed and finally came to a halt. They were doing... something. Both of their heads were down in the grass, and every so often one of their rotted faces would pull up, the remains of their ears pinned back before swiveling forward. Samhain seemed the most curious, and in turn suspicious, as her large front hoof kept pawing at the ground.

    What did they find?

    "Woolie, come here." He rasped, beckoning with a talon. Immediately the lamb bleated and hurried over, her tail wagging as she took her place at his side before they both ventured towards the living carcasses and their find. However, they did not need to walk very far, for while at one moment the both of them were distracted with something in the brush, Angemort lifted her skeletal face to look over at her master, one ear pinned while the other flicked forward towards them. Samhain must have taken notice as well, for her head quickly lifted from the ground, the ghoul catching a glance of something hanging limply from her permanent corpse-like grin.

    "Sssamhain, what do you have?" He called across the field. The mare he knew held a tendency towards savaging most any critter that managed to wander onto the property, but this was much bigger than a vole or a groundhog. The clever undead steed she was, Samhain took notice that Mortis had grown interested in what she found, and turned to trot off in the opposite direction, leaving Angemort to look between her sister and the approaching superfiend.

    Instead of turning and retreating, she took note of the lamb that was stepping through the broken tall grasses and decided to walk over to meet them. Woolie naturally was happy to see her nanny and playmate and hopped over to her, ever so often the height of her jumps punctuated with a happy kick. Mortis on the other hand would have been happier to see Samhain coming over to him so he could see what she was trying to hide.

    Which she was clearly trying to do as he noticed the unliving animal kept turning so her rump was pointed towards him every time he tried to see what she was carrying.

    "Do not try to hide it, Sssamhain! I know you have sssomething, all you are doing isss confirming your guilt!" He hissed sternly, empty sockets meeting with Samhain's as she turned her rotted face to look over her hip. "Bring it here."

    There was a harsh, ghostly sounding snort, and the horse tossed her head, whipping the ragged looking thing in her jaws around in the process. However, despite the mare's protests, she turned and walked over to him, her head pointed down towards the ground and her tail flicking irritably. In the background, Mortis could hear a faint, broken rhythm of hollow thuds as Woolie made a game of bouncing across Angemort's back while she laid among the weeds.

    Samhain came to stand before him, depositing the ragged mess onto the ground at Mortis' feet. Whatever it used to be, it clearly was some kind of predator. Thick black fur covered its body, torn in places and matted with both new and old blood from the mare's toying with it. He stooped down to pick it up, evaluating the carcass and turning it over in his claws. Large, four toed paws tipped with short, curved claws; and the remains of a long, fluffy tail. It was definitely canid, and when the ghoul found the face, albeit slightly mangled, he quickly discerned what their visitor was.

    "You caught a wolf." He commented, surprised that they were out this way, and at the same time a tad proud of the mare's skill. Although just as quickly his thoughts started to turn towards the black lamb behind him, and grew concerned. "Wasss thisss the only one you found?" Mortis looked up from the carcass to Samhain's grinning visage.

    There were others, but they ran off after I caught the big dog. Her single tattered ear flicked to the side and then back forward, her snout inching towards the wolf and giving it a few sniffs. I want this one back, can I have it back?

    "Ssss..." So spring had sprung, and so did the resident pack hunters. Likely if left alone, both of the mares would finish them off on their own in due time, but someone else was on his mind. A lamb made for easy prey in the mind of just about anything that hunted."I could do better, if you can ssshow me where the ressst ran off to." Mortis coaxed, slinging the carcass over his shoulder  


    Angemort's head perked up as well, looking at the two expectantly while the lamb hopped around her some before nibbling at a few tender shoots of grass peeking up from the snow.

    "Yesss, plenty of treatss." He rasped, pausing before adding another thought, "Maybe a friend too." That was enough to get Samhain interested, and she trotted around the superfiend to head towards the barn so she could have her riding equipment put on. Detecting Angemort's own interest in earning something his skull swiveled over to look at the larger undead mare of the two.

    What do you want me to do, master? I want treats too.

    "Look after Woolie while we are out, keep her clossse to the housse and let her graze only the front yard. If you sssee anything, have her ssstay in the loft while you take care of it." He instructed, starting to make his way back across the field to the barn.

    This was not the day Mortis expected to have after seeing his brother again following a two month absence, but it was a welcome change from the norm.

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