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    Plucking Strings Under The Stars



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    Plucking Strings Under The Stars

    Post by Mortis on Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:12 am

    Time: 11:00 PM
    Date: April 10, 0006

    Ping! Ping! Ping!

    Mortis reached up to the guitar's headstock, large talons carefully tuning the strings. His withered host sat comfortably on the front steps of the house, skeletal legs stretched out before him on the concrete path. The porch light shone behind him, reflecting dully off his rotted leathers and casting the front of him in dark shadows. Perhaps for a living mortal having to sit in the dark and attempt to do something that required being able to see what they were doing would be maddening... But to the superfiend, the night hours were perfect for sitting out front and practicing.

    At night the world was much quieter, as most of its denizens had gone to sleep. Granted, the undead had taken plenty of time to ensure it stayed that way by personally visiting ever farmhouse along the stretch of dirt road; thus ensuring it was quiet around his home at all hours of the day and night. Still, he preferred took preference to the dark instead of the daytime.

    Empty sockets glanced up from tuning the wooden instrument, the pinpricks of red that were nearly always glowing within taking a moment to gaze at what stars could be seen through the clouds. The radio had warned of a few flurries to come around this week, despite how most of the grasslands looked thawed and ready for the growing season. A few days ago it was even balmy out with some light rain. However, he supposed the world did what it was wont to regarding the weather, following its own schedule and no one else. A low hiss escaped his skeletal maw and Mortis turned his gaze back to the guitar, his long thumb talon giving a few more experimental plucks before adjusting the strings again.

    Part of him still could not believe he actually thought to keep the old thing instead of burn it.

    He adjusted the guitar in his lap, before turning his snout to look at a book that laid open next to him. Within were a few lines of music, a simple melody laid out in rows of notes that undulated like gentle waves across the page. Laying between the pages was a pencil, and on the page opposite of the melody he was looking at was another, which had a checkmark drawn in the lower left corner of the page. Behind it were a few more pages, each bearing the same penciled mark. At the top of the most recent marked page was the song's name, simply and aptly called Hesitation Blues: Variant Three.

    As for what was on the current page, sitting unmarked, the title above the lines of notes was printed in ink; Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

    The dull red glow scanned over the page, as he had done every evening for the past week. The melody was only a little more complicated than Hesitation Blues, but there were some parts he still had yet to master - though he was getting very close to it. Mortis looked over the page for a few seconds more, and adjusted his grip upon the neck of the guitar to press against the appropriate tabs. Then, he strummed his thumb claw against the strings, a rich sound vibrating from the instrument as he went into the intro.

    It was times like these he was grateful that this property was so far away from anyone, even the closest neighbor was quite a walk down the road. Not that he was terrible at playing, he thought he was doing well enough for a beginner; but the ghoul was known more for using his talons to eviscerate than pluck chords on the front stoop in the evening. Even if he was retired, Mortis was confident in the idea that if too many thought he had grown soft, likely they would try to take advantage of his perceived weakness.

    Which was why while the melody book was to his left, a shotgun was laying immediately to his right.

    Not a soul would dare interrupt him while he could help it. Though the ghoul was not exactly fond of what practicing suggested of him, he had to admit that his claws seemed to acclimate quickly to the hobby, and mastering a song after practicing it for a while was satisfying in its own way. Soon enough he got to the part where the vocalist would sing, and it was here that the ghoul branched off from the guitar chord that would usually back up the singer, taking its part instead. It was extra work, but he did not mind. It made practice more interesting to try and play the different parts instead of sticking to the one meant for the guitar only. The variation in the vocal portion kept him from falling into a monotonous pattern, and in turn prevented him from letting his thoughts drift. Especially when he got to the portion of the song that had given him some trouble for the past few days. It was a tricky bit of fingerwork that required some swiftness in his talons and wrist.

    Being an animated corpse, naturally that would be a challenge. However, Mortis had been bettering himself for this portion, and so there was a series of crackles and pops as he hastened his movements for a fraction of a second. The notes were on key, and he managed to move on to the next portion without much issue. The superfiend's fingers plucked and pressed the strings, and the short melody was soon completed after another repetition. However, just because he managed to get it right once, did not mean he had mastered it completely. Thus, the ghoul went back to the top of the sheet, and started again.

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