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    About the Cottage



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    About the Cottage

    Post by Kev on Fri Apr 08, 2016 3:47 am

    In the lolling meadows is a quaint cottage, fixed up by Leslie and Kev. It faces a serene meadow, while behind the house is a creek that flows into the forest. The property line is drawn by a stone fence, which also prevents the flock of colorful sheep and llama from going too far. The fence extends from the woods to an old dirt road that winds past the cottage. From this, is a small trodden path that leads to the house. On the front yard of the property, off to the side of the cottage is a small barn. It was built with assistance from Impa, Arro, Randall, and Zurg. This is where the livestock animals lay their little heads to rest. In the back yard, centered off the side of the house is a greenhouse that gets most of its use in the spring and summer.

    The porch is of old stone, winding over to beneath the window. A wooden bench sits beneath the windows. During the summer there is a wide variety of flowers and shrubs growing around the cottage, making the place a lovely sight indeed. Once one gets over the initial beauty of the outside, they may find themselves wondering into the cottage.  

    Upon opening the door, there is a short hall that leads to a larger room that is a combination living room, kitchen, and dining area. The walls are a yellow color, the floor a warm reddish wood. Along the right wall is a staircase that leads to the second floor.  Directly across from the front door is a stone fireplace. Set atop the fireplace are carved birds from Jo, one on either side of a vase. In front of the fireplace is a couch; and two chairs with their backs to the kitchen. Between the chairs and the couch is a coffee table that usually has a tray of tea and crumpets on it, along with a book Kev, Fear or Marvin might be reading. Behind the couch and along the wall of the stairs is a door; this door leads down into the cellar. Visitors are advised not to go down there. Between the kitchen and the living room is a small half wall that helps to separate the rooms. Beneath the window is the sink, and alongside the french doors is the oven, leaving the fridge and cabinets to take up the rest of the kitchen area. The cabinets hold many supplies, including appliances, food that doesn't need to be refrigerated, and the animal food. Sitting beside the windows on the front of the cottage is a table set for two. The french doors lead to an ivy covered patio that has a nice white wicker table and chairs.  

    *Pixel Representation, created by Qorg*

    Immediately reaching the next floor, is the room that used to belong to Leslie. It is now used as a guest bedroom. It's small, with the banister blocking off the area open from the steps. The bed sits against the wall, facing Kev's bedroom. An armoire is up against the walls. It is painted a lilac color, with white draperies over the window. The next room is Kev's, which is larger, and also leads to the upstairs bathroom.

    Kev's room is painted a dark green color, with a bright green pair of curtains on the nearest set of windows. Kev's bed is against the wall, near another window with fire proof curtains from Aya. There's a soft quilt on his bed, and there's a trunk in front of the bed. There's also an end table besides the bed, with a lamp set on top of it, as well as a potted Aloe Vera plant that is a gift from Jo. The bottom cabinet of the end table contains several books, including a gardening book from Proxy. The drawer at the top contains Kev’s jewelry and odd little knick knacks that he keeps stored away.

    Along the other side of the wall next to the bedroom door is a table that usually holds a few potted plants, in addition to the tank that contains the turtles. A small lamp is set up to beam down light upon the turtle’s tanks, and for extra light in the room. Set in the middle of the room is a soft fire rug. Animal beds are usually scattered around this rug, even though the animals typically join Kev in bed. Against the other side of the wall is the bathroom and the closet.

    The closet contains many different types of outfits, from a green and yellow sweater, to a classy vest suit to an absurd, furry pimp-suit. There is also a coat rack in the closet, with several hats, scarves, and coats, such as a hat/scarf and a blue scarf and hat, knitted by Zurg himself. At the bottom of the closet is a box with puppets inside. Stored on top of the box is a watering-can. The bathroom on this floor has a small sink. It also has a clawed tub and a toilet with a pull-chain. It is normally kept very clean, with a plush light blue rug on the white tiled floor.

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