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    Need Two Strapping Arms?



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    Need Two Strapping Arms?

    Post by Minion on Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:43 pm

    Time: Noon
    Date: December 10, 0006

    A young man with bronze skin, amber eyes and black hair made his way down the sidewalk, snow crunching lightly beneath his brown winter boots. With a pair of jeans, a dark green parka, and a black scarf wrapped around his neck, the man was dressed to keep warm. Yet, the more astute would notice a lack of vapors puffing from his mouth. Thick footfalls, perhaps too heavy for a human body. People around the sidewalk around him with steam coming from their lips with every breath. The man's friendly eyes were ever forward, a light smile on his face as he waved a hand to other pedestrians in greeting.

    Jo's advice had been taken, held close. The month had gone by faster than anticipated, but the time had given him space to think. To really think about what he wanted to do. Sewing and working with clothes had always been fun! But... Well, he much preferred creating extravagant costumes for supervillany/superheroics. Not clothes for everyday use... Plus, there was already a shop where people could buy nice clothing! A skill set he loved, but not one he wanted to work like a workhorse for. Minion had made enough clothes, thank you.

    That left his skills with baking, cooking, and tinkering. Minion felt right at home in a kitchen, and he loved to make food! No matter how long he'd worked in the kitchen, it still came to him like water. Many eateries were dotted around the business district, and who knows! Maybe somebody could use some catering? Mechanical tinkering was something else that felt familiar too. When was the last time he'd worked with machinery? Minion's mind was not the one to think up inventions, and plot out blueprints, but if you tossed him a wrench? He'd have it made for you with enough time to work!

    The form generated by a holowatch came to a stop in front of the bulletin board. A quick glance was taken at the building that loomed in the distance, that made his little fishy heart thrum within his tank. Sharply, he glanced away and focused instead upon the board. Stepping up to it, he fished for the tacks that were available and pinned up his form. A simple white sheet of paper, with font written in a pleasant ink. He turned around quickly, turning his back to the building. Yet, he peeked over a robotic shoulder from within his tank. Antennae wriggled nervously, and the hologram man barely glanced over his own shoulder. Maybe someday, he could re-enter the Sanctuary but... Not now. Body tense, not so open and friendly, Minion went back the way he came, disappearing down the sidewalk. His head kept low, as if avoiding all eye contact as his steps quickened. His hands were shoved into his own pockets, lightly jogging down the street in such a way that he wouldn't bounce too much within his tank.

    Hello, I am seeking a job! If you need a sturdy pair of hands with strong muscles, look no further! My name is Mitchell Finley. I have experience working with machinery, and I have skills in the kitchen. Are you in need of catering? Do you need help constructing something? Just need another pair of hands to help you tinker with inventions? I can do it all! But, keep in mind that I have the right to reject any job offer that I deem unfair. If you are curious, you can contact me at the Stock Pot Inn, room 334 on the third floor! Looking forward to working with you!


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    Re: Need Two Strapping Arms?

    Post by Fear on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:34 am

    Time: Morning
    Date: April 28th, 0006

    Oh what a week, what a week...

    "Metusss, not ssso fassst." As with every morning, Fear had taken to walking the dogs. Sometimes he walked them in groups of four, other times three, and every so often it was just two or one. After having walked the rest of those barking pooches around the block once already this morning, it was still not enough for a certain Great Dane. Unlike his master, Metus was brimming with energy. He wanted to walk, he wanted to run, he wanted to live! But this dream sadly could not be, for his master was slow... his master was tired... his master was, well, dead. At the superfiend's urging, the Great Dane lessened his eager pace and fell in-step with his shambling master. Gentle brown eyes looked up, the crisp morning air filled with curious panting. His master was unsurprisingly cognizant of the dog's concern. "I am fine," Master assured. He gave the leash a ginger tug and redirected his gaze to the horizon before them. "Jussst a little tired, that isss all. I had a busssy, ssstrenuousss week."

    A good enough answer for Metus, though he knew better. His master, fatigued? Well, the dog supposed there were stranger things... The Great Dane nevertheless obeyed the ghoul's wishes and kept their current pace, boxy head swiveling every now and then, nails lightly scratching against sidewalk cement. It's too bad they couldn't always walk like - ? "Metusss, wait." At once, the dog halted, Metus pivoting on his well-toned heels.

    What is it? What had master found?

    Coloured crinklies! Metus barked excitedly. So many coloured crinklies, all messily tacked against a wall. What were they for, what did they say? He saw the black ants on nearly all of them, yet couldn't discern what they meant. Master would surely know, for he was a clever man! Metus nearly exploded with anticipation as he observed his master read a leaflet in particular. The crinkly was faded and worn, previously damaged by water and the elements. For whatever reason unbeknownst to the Great Dane, his master had found something of interest. A pensive hum resonated from the ghoul's fetid throat. "Hmm, I wonder..."

    Wonder what? Oh wonder what!?

    Another rumbling bark, followed by an impatient whine.

    "Metusss, husssh. You know better," Master scolded. The Great Dane simply pouted, ears drooping as he looked to the bubblegum-stained ground in shame. Metus' sorrow didn't last long as he heard the tearing of something thin and frail, however. The dog looked up in just enough time to spot his master holding a strip of crinkly. "What do you sssay we have a little company over, huh? Would you like that?" Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Metus could hardly contain his joy, the large dog rising on his hindlegs repeatedly. To anyone largely unaccustomed to such a big pup, they would surely have paled in fright! "Ha ha. Yesss, you may make a new friend today," his master agreed, scratching Metus behind the ears. Oh master was so good... So kind and generous. "Come on, then. Let'sss return home and tell the othersss. We mussst look presssentable before we invite our guessst over." And without further delay, both master and dog were off again on their walk, leaving the cramped bulletin board to better see this afternoon's matters.

    Wonder what it could be?

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