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    About Gunderson Acres

    Post by Mortis on Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:59 am

    Gunderson Acres



    Mortis’ home is a moderately sized, single floor house on the edge of the farmstead’s immense acreage. The outside is covered in wooden siding and has a rustic, woodsy appearance despite its placement in the grasslands. The deck has a single old rocking chair that the undead had pilfered from the barn sitting out front that is perfect for sitting in and reading the paper outside. Next to it is an equally old, worn outdoor table. White paint peels from it’s circular design, and more than a few stains from beer bottles and cups of tea pepper its surface.

    From the road there is a gravel driveway leading up to the side of the house and past it to the barn in the back. Cracked pavement branches from the driveway to the front porch. Either side of it is flanked by overgrown grass and weeds, as the front yard has been left to grown long and go to seed. Perhaps in a suburban environment this would look appalling, but to the undead tenant, it’s perfectly fine for some reason or another.

    Behind the house is a large red barn, which currently holds little else than the picked apart remains of some heavy farm machinery, two bath tubs filled with odds and ends, and some old chests. Samhain and Angemort come inside to seek refuge from the flies during the hotter times of the year.

    Out back is a small garden near the house, and beyond that is a hammock tied between the branches of a sturdy shade tree. It looks a lot like the hammock had been made out of a pair of ugly stripey drapes, but it proves to be comfortable enough. In the summer there is a bucket of ice sitting out next to it, often filled with a few bottles of beer. In the winter the hammock is stored in the barn to keep it from being worn away by constant freezing and thawing as the seasons go by.

    The Garden:

    The Garden

    Close to the house is a small garden, stocked full of vegetables ranging from lettuce, potatoes, peppers, to carrots and more, including some choice herbs. Small dirt paths wind between each row of tended vegetables, and out in the center is an old wooden bench that had been salvaged from another unfortunate farmstead that Mortis had visited during his evening purges. The seat is situated under a wooden trestle that was hammered together from old fence posts and parts of an abandoned shack further back on the property. Vines of blueberries can be seen growing up and climbing the trestle during the spring and summer.

    ...Although, what use does an undead superfiend have for fresh veggies and herbs?

    What's in the garden?

    Each section of the garden has rows for each listed vegetable. The first section is closest to the front gate of the garden, while the last is at the very back. There is a path made of dirt and set-in smooth rock that divides the sections all the way back to the trellis, and curves around it to reach back to the sections behind it.

    First Section
    *Banana Peppers
    Second Section
    Third Section
    *Tuscan Peppers
    *Wild Blackberries
    *Wild Blueberries
    Fourth Section
    Back Row
    *Sugar Pumpkins

    The Hives:

    A recent addition to the farm, Mortis' humble homestead now is home to two beehives that he takes care of. Their homes are simple wooden boxes that the undead had cobbled together from wood he salvaged from the surrounding ruins of the abandoned farms that surround his property. The bee hives themselves are tucked beneath the shady oak tree that Mortis favors for his reclining during the summer.

    He does not fret about getting in the way of the busy hives, Mortis ensures that they keep their flight paths away from his person.

    The Field:

    The Fields

    Most of Gunderson Acre’s expansive ten-acres have become overgrown and weedy from years of being untended by the former Dark Judges that had taken it over prior. Along with the now wild and untamed rows upon rows of lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, and wheat; there are long weedy grasses and wild flowers growing everywhere. Young trees are starting to spring up and take over the ex-farmland as nature takes back what was rightfully theirs. Small animals and ground birds have made their homes in the tall grasses and happily feast on what the Ashleen family and their usurpers have left behind.

    The Meadow

    Mortis has cleared three acres of the overgrown fields to be used as a grazing meadow for Woolie. It is a perfect grazing area, complete with lush, long green grass that the undead superfiend lets be, complete with a few wildflowers and weeds that he has allowed to grow there since they are not poisonous to the ewe. Both Angemort and Woolie can be seen here readily throughout the day.


    Walking into the home, one will notice the home’s modest dining room, or more, the lack thereof as its resident has no need for dining, and visitors are generally unexpected.  So the dining room is a continuation of the living room. As well, this house has no bedroom or guest room as the resident of this place has no need for sleep. The furniture and decor of this humble abode has little in the way of a designer’s touch, as Mortis tends to put in what he likes or what he manages to find. However, the ghoul seems consistent in finding things that look comfortable or at the very least add something relaxing to the home. Carpet covers the entirety of the flooring in this humble abode except for the kitchen. The whole house smells heavily of incense, the fragrances of sage, clove, and garlic mingling among each other noticeable to those who are able to pick them out. Overall the house feels light and comfortable, stay for too long and you might find yourself dozing on the couch!


    The Kitchen

    For an undead sheep-man that requires no sustenance, there certainly is plenty of equipment in the kitchen for making a meal. At least, if that meal was nothing but vegetables and herbs. There is a coffee grinder tucked away in the bread box along with a coffee machine. Although the former smells a lot like... herbs? But who would stick herbs in a coffee grinder, and why? The cupboards have a few sets of dishes and cups, and the drawers have a few knives and dinnerware, although Mortis has little use for either. The cupboard closest to the stove has a tea set stored away, complete with a green teapot and matching cups. Mostly the cupboards have jars upon jars of dried, powdered herbs and spices, a few large jars of salt, and jars of ash collected from the fireplace. If one were to look in the fridge, they would find mostly bottles of beer and vodka, and the freezer tends to remain empty unless Mortis decides to go out for some hunting.

    The unused wall on the side of the kitchen that is closest to the front of the house has been set up for drying herbs. Mostly white sage, clove, and garlic can be seen hanging and drying out in this area, although there are times when the retired superfiend may have some different types of raw tea hanging to be used later for loose-leaf brewing.

    The kitchen opens up to the living room.

    Living Room:

    The Living Room

    The front door leads into this room, to the left of the front door is a simple wooden coat hangar and shoe rack to hang up your... well, coat, and store your dirty shoes.

    The living room is nothing spectacular, it is a mainly open room covered with wall-to-wall carpet. The walls are painted a light rose. A superfiend-sized comfy leather chair and a small end table next to it that’s perfect for holding a cup of tea and a few books sits in front of the cozy brick fireplace. Up against the wall near the family room is a small book case with a set of doors. Inside one will find some books on gardening and raising sheep, a few novels Mortis found interesting enough to keep, and oddly enough a couple of self-help books regarding relationships.

    Family Room:

    The Family Room

    Equally unimpressive as the living room, the family is still quite cozy. The room is colored in an off-white, the carpet is the same as in the living room and the hallway. A sliding door leads to the outside, and around the walls of the family are plenty of shelves. Shelves for what though? A ghoul can't have that many books, can he? His name isn't Stinky Smart! Instead, there are a few movies up there that the ghoul found worth keeping, along with a few things that are not movies at all but games.

    Very... specific games.


    Next to the sliding door is a TV stand with an old analog TV set sitting on top of it. Further back nearer to the shelves is a small coffee table and a large, comfy (albeit ugly looking) sectional. It's just the right size for a towering undead to recline on and relax. Although the cushions will sometimes have little hoofprints pressed into them.

    Personal Study:

    Personal Study

    Formerly known as the master bedroom, Mortis has converted this room into his personal study, complete with a wall covered in book shelves. Though they are not all filled to the brim with books, the superfiend is steadily working on mending that. Field journals organized by region cover some of the shelves, while other books cover chemistry, botany, occult practices, and a few how-to books regarding some odd jobs and hobbies. There are little sticky notes between a few pages of nearly each book. Laying up next to the bookshelves is an acoustic guitar that smells a little like incense and decaying flesh.

    A desk sits in the center of the room, complete with a small metal lamp on top of it. The drawers hold various pens and pencils, and a notebook tends to sit open on the desk surface at all times.

    Near the door to the hallway is a closet, which holds some of the superfiend's clothing. At the bottom of the closet is a small wooden stand that has a salad bowl which has been repurposed for holding burning incense, and at the top clothing is pulled through the gaps in the clothes hangers to drape in a way that catches the rising smoke but far enough away not to burn.

    At the far end of the study is the door to the master -and only- bathroom.


    The Bathroom

    The master bathroom is not very large, and has a blue-ish grey tiling on the floor, with icy blue walls. There is a shower and bath setup to the right of the door upon entering. At times the room has an acrid, acidic odor since Mortis  sometimes fills the tub with deadfluids and gives his host a relaxing soak. Right next to the shower on the same wall is a rack for towels.

    A vanity faces the door, and is situated right next to the toilet.


    Laundry Room

    It’s pretty straightforward. The laundry room is a small room dedicated to washing the small amount of clothing Mortis has on him. There are some shelves for different kinds of detergents. The walls are painted the same off-white color as the study room and the hallway.

    Sometimes a sheep will be sleeping in here.


    There is not much to it aside from the small shrine that sits against its wall across from the laundry room. Figuring to be the center of the room, the retired superfiend has placed an incense bowl here as well, as it allows for the natural airflow of the house to carry the incense smoke through the dwelling.


    The basement door is always locked.

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