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    A Late Birthday Lunch

    Ariana Lee
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    A Late Birthday Lunch

    Post by Ariana Lee on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:13 pm

    Time: 1:17 PM
    Date: February 18, 0006

    Ah, it wasn't everyday that your average woman turns thirty one years old! Of course, you would be forgiven for thinking that the birthday girl walking down Main Street couldn't be a day over 16. Ariana Lee was a short young woman, barely over five feet tall. Her body was slender, deceptively so. Her hips weren't exactly ready to bear any children, and her bust was modest. The bespectacled girl caught a few glimpses of herself in the store windows, and resisted the urge to cringe. There were worst bodies to be stuck in for all eternity. After all, Ariana was still young! She looked human. The Dark Judges were not so lucky...

    Dressed in a striped sweater with varying shades of gray, a pair of jeans, black boots and a dark grey beanie, the brunette made her way to a wooden bench. Clenched in one hand was a bag with a texture like cardboard. Thick and unyielding, crackling lightly as her fingers curled around the folded top. The contents in the bag jostled about as Ariana sat down at the bench. The bag was placed to the left of her thigh. It was pried open, and she fished out a handful of napkins to lay across her own lap. Most birthdays were spent with family and friends, having a little party with gifts. Ariana was...a bit different. She had no family here, and what friends she did have, she didn't see often. She was a more private sort anyway... Buying herself a little meal and eating it in the fresh sunshine and cool winter breeze was gift enough!


    ...Well, it was a gift until said winter breeze blew across her lap, taking her napkins with it. The amber eyed woman sighed. "Ah, geez..." Away the leaflets fluttered, floating across the wind and looking like rather large white butterflies. She waited until the breeze had died down, before she took off down the sidewalk to scoop up every napkin. Following the literal paper trail, small hands plucked them off of the sidewalk. Once the concrete looked empty of any napkins that had come from her, Ariana returned to the bench and plopped herself back down on it. The wood creaked beneath her as she dropped all of her weight onto it at once. The napkins that had hit the sidewalk weren't too dirty...but she didn't feel using them was sanitary. Ariana balled them up and shoved them into a pocket to throw away later.

    Finally, she could just sit down and eat! Pulling the bag closer, a hand reached in to pull out a lump of a package, wrapping in foil. Peeling it away as though she was unwrapping a gift... the meal was revealed. The thick scent of beef and melted cheese rose into her nose, the young woman licking her lips in anticipation. It wasn't often that she got a roast beef sandwich for lunch, so this was special. Bringing it closer, she sunk her teeth into the bread. A generous bite was taken, teeth tearing through beef slices and bread. Her molars gnashed, swishing the food from side to side. With a bit of Worcestershire sauce, the sandwich had a nice dash of spice to it. The provolone cheese made for a nice balm to even out the pepper. And the beef...oh, it was fulfilling. Tender as well, not as light as chicken. With a hearty swallow, that bite had finished.

    Ariana dug in for another bite, tongue parting the slices of beef for a moment. The bitten part of the sandwich was almost overflowing with beef now, threatening to fall out all over herself. Swirling the tip of her tongue, she balanced the falling slices and drew them into her mouth. Teeth champed down to tear the meat, and now she could hold the sandwich without fear of the beef sliding right out of her hands. Her tongue shifted the food as she chewed, savoring the taste as a bit of drool collected on the corner of her mouth. "Mmm..." Not bad for a birthday lunch!

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