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    Yellow Grapevine

    Post by Nessa on Fri Mar 11, 2016 9:26 pm

    Date: 3/10
    Time: 10:03 AM

    Oh what a night that was. Well. Was it? Nessa hasn't really been watching the time, so she wasn't sure it was night or not! The dim lighting in her home in a mirror keeping all secrets of outside perfectly out of her sight. Ahh... sometimes it was great to just become a vegetable. She stands up off of her large and luxurious red couch, her even larger blanket looking as if it were trying to hold her hostage within the confines of the huge pillows. Oh it calls to her. Oh it brings warmth and comfort. But, no memory foam. You will not win this day. The troops need tended to! Her interest was piqued some time ago, the cameras and whatnot, and for some odd reason retaliation has not come. The Piper's paranoia must be getting even more irrational in her oldish age. She shrugs to herself. The silence in the room is nice, her children normally make quite the ruckus!

    Turning toward the hallway and gliding gracefully into her sleeping quarters, she opens up a large armoire, picking out a nice teal colored dress, sliding on some black leggings and wrapping a certain red scarf about her neck. Her dreadlocks hang down over her face. The mess of hair moving and bouncing with every motion. Alright. Time to stop her lazing and waiting. Time to go out on the town! Maybe if nothing odd happens with the children she'll go visit someone special! Like...

    As she walks through her apartment's mirror, and into the outer district entrance, her mind is assailed with thousands of voices. Little children in panic. What? What is going on. So many voices! Nessa winces, her eyes watering as the cacophony rings between her ears. She runs back into the mirror, coming back out with a belt of weapon and flute under her dress. The two pieces of the ancient instrument click together, making a sigh of agony before she brings it to her lips. A sharp trill plays out as the old apartment building suddenly smells of blood. Rats flood in from the windows, their thoughts quieting to murmurs of the mind.

    "Aye! CHILDREN. What is the MEANING of this?! WHERE is Suzanne?"

    Instead of voices, images appear in her mind.

    Alleys, thugs, ne'erdowells... Yellow blip.

    The Piper's eyes grow wide and she scrunches up her nose. What is her favorite little child doing... where is she going? The eyes of a certain white rat appear within as well. Hot on the trail of the cybertronian, cloaked and hiding. Into the mountains she is going. What. Why?!

    As if on cue, a flash of Livewire's face appears in one of the rats' vision.


    Mausi. Wh... what have you seen? What has happened?

    Her first step was toward the door, her second step was outside of it. Dark tendrils of aura lick the ground seeking footholds to steady the rapid motion. Dreadlocks shake like snakes writhing as her momentum stops. A decision. Livewire might need her... but. Fear. Kev. Her guardians. Maybe they can help. Hopefully this isn't something awfully too bad. Livewire can take care of herself, and she surely looks as if she wishes to be alone. Maybe more information will come of the green pair.

    The decision made, Nessa wisps into nothingness. Fleet of foot might be an understatement.

    Too Kev's house she goes.

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