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    Prints That Are Blue



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    Prints That Are Blue

    Post by Mortis on Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:20 am

    Time: Noon
    Date: February 29, 0006

    Already the business district was a bustling market center before noon managed to come around, and once it became midday, the streets were packed with traffic, both in the streets and on the sidewalks. Cars horns blared to try and get long lines of cars ahead of them to move more their liking, and the air was awash with the stink of exhaust and the smells of the local eateries and their wares. Naturally, all the noise and bustle was not something a certain horse particularly enjoyed.

    Icy air jetted from the undead horse’s nostrils, heavy hooves stamping down between the lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. While the horse’s lumbering gait was slower than the average car’s idle, there was a distinct advantage to having a means of transport that allowed you to sit over eight feet off the ground. One of them was being able to see over most of the cars in around them, and the other...


    Was having a very persuasive means of keeping everyone else from tailgating. Samhain’s massive rear hoof buckled the front end of the car behind them with ease, the driver cursing as his racy looking ride now looked crumpled and a mess, complete with a draft horse sized horseshoe print smack in between the headlights. At the sound, Mortis swiveled his skull to look back at the driver, giving a tired hiss. ”Sssamhain, that isss not how we keep the ISSO’sss from approaching usss.” He scolded, but half-heartedly. He too had to appreciate the look on the driver’s face as he registered what happened to his car. The surprise, horror at the realization, and finally, rage.

    The window rolled down quickly, and the driver’s beet-red face leaned out, his lips curled in a snarl. ”Hey, HEY! Your horse kicked my car!” He yelled,  Mortis’ skull swiveled to fully face him, bones popping and tissue creaking as his snout rotated slowly over his shoulder before completing the 180 degree rotation. For a moment the man’s anger faded in favor of disgust and revile at the sickening display of flexibility.

    ”Yesss, ssssinner, what of it?” Mortis hissed, halting his steed for a moment. The horse’s ears pinned back against her neck, her head turning to get a look at both the car and its driver behind them. Her tail swished and another puff billowed from her fly-blown nostrils. Soon after, the undead draft mare gave her own opinion on the matter, although the ones that would be able to hear and understand it would be select and few.

    He keeps following too closely, I don’t like him.

    The horse’s rear hoof stamped again and lifted slightly off the road, a rusted horse-shoe poised to strike at the vehicle again as the man managed to find his words again, pointing at the horse’s hoof. ”Oh, u-uh...Y-you need to control your animal, and I want compensation for the damages! I want to see some insurance, off of you, you jerk!” He sputtered, swallowing down a lump in his throat as he tried not to focus on how the talking cadaver’s neck had to have snapped in order to be looking at him the way he was now.

    Oh boy, it was going to be one of those days wasn’t it? Mortis looked over the man, and the car, which while buckled in the front, likely could be repaired easily with enough hammering. Ah, but this person did not want hammering, did he. No, no, he wanted money, and likely if he was not going to get it, he was going to raise a fit with the ISO’s. A brief scan of his thoughts was enough for him to gather this irate sinner's intent. ”SSssss...”

    If he were out in the ghettos, should he be someplace where the ISO’s would willingly turn a blind eye to this poor fool, the superfiend would have gladly turned his massive steed around and stomped the man into a fine paste.

    However, seeing as how that option was unavailable...

    The air around the two of them suddenly took on a supernatural chill, an already frigid winter’s day turning arctic. Immediately the man face turned from uncertainty to submission, already seriously considering sticking his head back into his car as he felt the undead’s glowing eyes bore into him. He coughed as a sickly sensation came to settle in his chest, fetid air stinging his nose and throat as he tried to breathe. ”Y-you know-- cough! - I think I can handle this o-on my own...” He quickly ducked his head back into the vehicle, almost craping his ear on the edge of the window frame as he made his retreat Just as quickly he rolled up the window as fast as humanly possible, and soon the sound of the air blowing at full blast could be faintly heard from the inside of the car.

    Apparently this ghoul was just too much work to try and make a fuss over.

    ”Good man.” Mortis rasped, with a small nod. His arm opped and clicked as it rotated to the point of dislocating from its socket as well to give a small tip of his hat. Another chorus of snapping and popping could be heard as he turned his head back around to look forward. That little mishap out of the way, Mortis urged his horse onward, heavy hooves clapping upon blacktop as he continued his ride through the city. Now then, where was that shop...


    The ghoul encouraged his horse into a quick trot, his sockets set upon a humble shop on the corner of the street. Or at least as humble as a contracting place could be. Printed above the door in official looking lettering was the name Synthesis Architecture and Construction, and the ghoul could not help but take a moment to look over the design of the building itself. Very modern, very efficient looking, very expensive.

    ”Sssss...” He was not much for expensive, but if he wanted what he needed done correctly, he had to seek out the right people... Even if those people had to be alive. Mortis wove his way through the heavy traffic, Samhain’s size alone enough to make a car come to a stop instead of trying to hustle the undead animal out of their path. Wading his way through the afternoon foot traffic was equally easy, as the steed effortlessly pushed aside anyone that was foolish enough to wander in front of her.

    Walking up to the door, Mortis hopped off the horse, not bothering to find a place to tie up the risen animal. She would not wander off, and there was no one alive that would dare try and steal something so big and so irritable. ”Ssstay clossse, and do not caussse a ssscene.” He directed, leading her over to an alleyway to the side of the building. Should she be left among the bustling crowd, he knew someone was going to be complaining about a nipped ear, or perhaps a severed one. The undead draft horse gave a small flick of what remained of her wispy mane, leaning up against the side of the building with a small huff.

    Okay, but I want treats.

    ”Yesss, when I come back, you can have a treat.” Mortis rasped, patting the side of her neck, though something did not seem to sit right with the towering creature, as the rotted stumps of her ears pinned back against her neck and a loud huff puffed against his sheep’s skull.

    Many treats. I want many treats.

    She nodded her head, as if affirming that this was going to be how things were going to be. Samhain wanted her many treats and she was going to get them!

    "Sssamhain, don’t be difficult.” The ghoul hissed, shaking his head. ”I cannot give you many treatsss, when I come back you can have three, only three. He firmly decided, tapping the animal upon its rotten nose with a finger. Samhain gave an interested nicker and her ears quickly perked at attention. Three was many, right? It was more than one, and more than two, so it had to be a good number of treats. Still, the concept of three still had not ingrained itself quite that well into her mind, and already she was curious about these “three treats.”

    ...Three? how much is three?

    ”Enough. Three isss enough.” He quickly assured, grateful that more than a few worldly senses had dulled on the animal upon its transformation. ”Behave yourssself.” Mortis hissed, giving Samahin’s snout a fond pat before moving past her to retrieve a case he had strapped to the back of her saddle. It was a simple, but hefty container, and upon being jostled something like many plastic chips could be heard rattling around inside of it.

    An echo could be heard behind him as the door closed, his sockets taking in the guest area that seemed to be big enough to house a few cars. Though the wayward undead was hardly the only person around, as this place already had a few customers walking around within on the ground floor beyond the welcome desk. Some were perusing some featured plans that were out for public display under glass, while others were talking with salesmen about the kind of homes they were looking to have built. Couples, moderately well off people, and of course, the affluent. For a moment the ghoul began to wonder if maybe it would have been a safer bet to try his luck again at the library...

    ”These were,”
    ”What we could,”

    A shudder traveled up his figurative spine at possibly having to deal with those three again. Sure, R, A, and M were helpful enough, but something about them also gave him... chills. Something about how they seemed to be too in synch with each other. No, he would be taking his chances with a salesman this time around for sure.

    He approached the front desk, a scaly, serpentine woman sitting at it. Emerald green scales covered her from nose to tail, and a suit had been custom made to fit her noodly form, a pair of glasses sat upon her nose, although they looked as if they would fit a humanoid being better than a giant snake. Although, the superfiend had to wonder how she got anything done with no arms. His gaze traveled to the name tag on her... Chest? Belly? Who knew. but the ghoul quickly learned her name was Lilith. Her unblinking reptilian eyes gave the impression of a person who was always alert, but the thoughts he managed to pick up said otherwise. In fact, it sounded like she was... napping? Poor form, very poor form. Leaning forward, Mortis adjusted his grip on the box and situated it under his arm, flexing his index finger to gently tap the bell on her desk.

    ”Misss?” He hissed, giving it another tap to be sure she was properly woken up. The lady stirred, her head turning to look in his direction instead of down at the desk. A long forked tongue flicked out with a small hiss of her own.

    ”Yesss? How may I help you?” She sibilantly asked, though she was clearly focused upon him, her golden eyes seemed to be... distracted. Slit pupils looked to either side of her face instead of forward. An interesting detail, but not worth lingering upon.

    ”Yesss, how would I find sssomeone who could ssshow me sssome housse planss?” He rasped, the serpent woman tilting her head thoughtfully. Once again her tongue flicked out to taste the air before answering. ”I could find sssomeone to help you, we have plenty of choicesss in housssing plansss. One moment pleassse.” And, much to the undead’s luck, he managed to see how a giant snake managed to operate the phone at her desk. One large coil picked up the receiver, while the tip of her tail curled around to tap in a number.

    ”Clara to front desssk, Clara to front desssk.” She hissed over the speakers, not a few minutes after, Mortis could hear someone approaching, this one a little more human than the worker at the front desk. Dressed in similar attire as Lilith, she moved her hair aside, and blinked her eye. One eye, as in the only one on her face.

    Clara was a cyclops.

    ”Hi there! You need help I take it?” She said with a smile, looking up at the towering undead. From the way she looked at him, seeing a living-dead creature was not a first-time event for her. Good, he thought, and also bad. She probably would not be so quick to try and get him out of her ebon hair and forego some more business-like etiquette. This in mind, Mortis nodded in affirmation.

    ”Yesss, what would you have in houssse blueprintsss.” He rasped, following as she lead him away to the viewing floor.

    ”Well, that would depend on what you have in mind. What sort of home are you looking to have built?” She replied, stopping next to a large screen upon the wall. Below it was an open laptop, which she quickly accessed and awaited his response. On the screen was a terminal for certain search queries.

    ”Nothing too big,” He hissed, pondering. ”I will be the only occupant.” He watched with interest as she typed in one of the search bars. Already a mass of results cropped up, some that looked appealing, while there were others that he was not so fond of.

    ”Alright... That’s a little barebones, but a good place to start!” She replied, tapping a finger to her chin as she looked over the results. ”What would you like in it, or what are looking to get out of the house?” She asked, turning her gaze from the screen to the superfiend.

    Oh, wow, he actally had not put much consideration into that aspect. Aside from having a place to stay, he did not really think about what he wanted in the house, or what he wanted to get out of his use for it. Hm... Now Mortis was the one who was tapping a talon to his chin, thinking. Yet he could not really figure what he could need in a home. All this was more necessity than a want for a place to call his own. Belonging was more something he found to be a mortal trait, and while he had used to be human at one time, some wants faded with age nd the knowledge that his host was nigh indestructible. Death from exposure was a thing of the long, long past, and he did not have anything that needed a real home to be kept in. The farmstead while a piece of work, was out of the way, familiar, and best of all, forgotten. Since he had left it, the place never got much in the way of curious visitors. ”Ssss...What would be your sssimplessst layout? I am not a complicated man.” Though there were some who would definitely argue otherwise given his history, especially in this dimension.

    ”Simple... Right.” She typed in a few queries into the search bar and pulled up a number of different plans. Her eye rested upon one in particular, and she brought it up to be shown on the larger screen. ”How does a single floor ranch sound? This one has a single bedroom, but can be modified to something else easily. Bathroom, utility room, a kitchen, dining and living room. Plus a spare room that is pretty open to modification.” The ghoul looked over the plan, a thoughtful hum rumbling in his ribs.

    Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, he had little use for these that he could think of... But if so chose, he could turn them into something else, he decided.

    ”Ssss, I like it. The ssspare room will need to be modified into a ssstaircasse to the basssement, however.” He approved, nodding as he looked over the print. ”How much for it?” Mortis looked over at the cycloptic saleswoman, who was bringing up the price of the plan. Huh, the price was not as much as he thought it would be, now that he looked at it.

    ”150.00 PBD will be the price for this plan, with the modification to the spare room. If you want we can have a modified print out to you tomorrow. Would like to have us send a construction team out to build the home? Our team of construction techs are some of the best in the city.” Clara offered, waiting before ringing up the cost. The towering undead hissed as he pondered it. Certainly he could have a team come out and build it for him... But likely that would be a cost that could be negated if he did the work himself. It could not be that hard, just smacking some planks together and hammering nails. Stuffing the walls with insulation and giving them a coat of plaster and paint.

    All the smaller details were merely a trifle, certainly. Not to mention any extra help he could literally pull out of the ground should he need it. Yet there was something to be said about having help that was a little more intact than a shambling mass of rotted flesh and maggot-riddled brains...

    ”Ssss... How much are they to hire?” Mortis asked, while coat was hardly a matter to the ghoul, he wanted to have enough left over to consider some possible additions he would need to buy should his aura have destroyed some important electronics.

    ”Let’s see, this house can be built within a few days easily...”

    A few days?

    He tilted his head at her quizzically, to which she seemed to pick up on. Her smile returned and she quickly got to explaining. ”Our team uses synthesis equipment, it makes for a quick, efficient job. It can input plumbing, electrical, and flooring. We tend to put in carpet by default, but we’re having a sale on wooden flooring this month! It would bump your total up to 3500.00 PBD, or 3000.00 PBD if you decide to put in hardwood thanks to the sale discount.” She explained. Mortis pondered the offer, a talon tapping against his front teeth. It was expensive, but he had enough to cover it he thought.

    ”It sssoundsss very convenient, I think I will let them come out. I would prefer the option with carpeting, pleassse. When would they be able to come out?” The ghoul hissed. Wooden flooring, while very nice to have, was hard to maintain, especially when one had long talons upon each of their toes that would scratch it up.

    ”Oh, good! They’ll be out on March 2nd at the soonest. If you come over here we can fill out the paperwork and discuss your method of payment.” She replied, beckoning the towering ghoul over to another table after she was finished with the computer, this one having a few forms for buyers to fill out if they were hiring a construction crew to build for them. ”That will do jussst fine.” Mortis hissed as they walked over, that gave him time to tear down the old structure and take what he needed for the new home that would be put in its place.

    A pen was provided, and the undead set his case on the table next to the paperwork, opting to stand as he filled out the necessary areas to get his home built. Name here, Initial there... check, check, and check! It was not too long before Mortis gave the paperwork to the woman, along with pushing the case of credits her way. ”I have the total in here.” He rasped, patting the top of the chest.

    ”O-oh?” She opened the case with a creak, finding that it was indeed filled with glistening chips of blue plastic, more than enough credits to cover the blueprint and the construction costs, perhaps a little too much! ”Oh, wow. Uh-- I’ll count out your change.” She replied, sitting down and getting to work counting out what was needed to cover the construction job.

    This was going to take a while...

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