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    Post by Bloodscream on Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:11 am

    Time: 3:30 AM
    Date: 2/28/16

    Time for one of the most mundane chores in his line of work, the regularly scheduled changing for the wireless cameras. Thrilling. But someone had to do it, and that someone had to be him, and it had to be done under the cover of darkness, when most of the world was asleep and the scum of the outer district were beginning to grow weary. The mercenary had to keep to the shadows, making sure to keep aware of his surroundings while he walked the roads and alleyways, making sure that he was not followed or watched.

    He didn't need someone messing with his camera's, again.

    Even if the runes were suppose to cause others to glance over them, that didn't mean he wasn't still cautious. Something had uncovered them last time with little effort, it was disturbing and frustrating. But through all these months the runes had held up and hopefully they would continue to hold up on the new batch of cameras.

    From dark alley to dark alley Bloodscream went, visiting every dark nook and cranny of the outer district, placing the cameras into their new designated locations and then walking more to remove the old ones. It was grueling work, he had to be on a constant work, but having eyes and ears everywhere would be worth it. The last camera finally placed Bloodscream packed up and disappeared back into the shadows.

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