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    The Beginnings of Something Great



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    The Beginnings of Something Great

    Post by Fear on Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:52 pm

    Time: Early morning
    Date: February 6th, 0006

    "Man... why do I always get the bogus assignments?"

    Being a realtor was hard. In the case of Richard Poughkeepsie, it was really hard. Dressed in his finest suit and having already permed his hair for a stylish look, the young entrepreneur had slightly worse-than-average luck when it came to selling property. "Damn management," the dejected Richard sighed. He mindlessly kicked a pebble with his dress shoes and stuffed both hands into his pockets. "They always get the good choices and leave me with the leftovers." Was it because he was a rookie? A newcomer to the field with nothing to bring? "Figures..." Richard griped, looking to the sky. When Ma and Pa said that selling land was the golden ticket to the big leagues, he never would have thought it was like this! Perhaps he should have stuck to his dreams and just... he didn't know, have more faith? Either way, he sighed and straightened out his tie, mind bored to death. Well... guess he better at least appear as if he were working. Pivoting on his heel, Richard shook his head and resumed making his rounds. "I'm never going to sell this vacant lot for primo dinero. Only a chump would fall for i - AH, CHRIST!"

    And that is when he encountered "it". A torrential wave of putrid rot slammed Richard in the face and he felt as if his nostrils hairs had just been burned to a crisp. As for the rest of his senses? With a girly shriek the young man leaped away, hands spread out in front of him as if to ward an incoming blow. "Jesus Christ, man!" he shouted, voice cracking. "Don't you know that it's damn rude to sneak up on folks like that!? You'll give them a heart attack!"

    "If only I would be ssso fortunate," said it.

    Its voice was like ice, frigid and somehow penetrative to the point of throbbing within Richard's ears. He tried his hardest not to tweak one. As for what it wore... "What the..." He stared the unsettling guy up and down, a mixture of shock and disgust swelling in his chest. "L-Look, guy..." the realtor began to say, trying his hardest to sound respectful. "I don't know what you want or what you're selling, but I don't want it. If you want to know the location of a leather bar, it's right off the corner of - " A growl cut Richard to the quick.

    "I do not need a leather bar," corrected it.

    "O-Okay... how about, um, a renaissance fair?" he politely offered. That helmet was plenty medieval, right? Looked like something out of the crusades. You know, if they incorporated DnD or something. It, however, wasn't looking for that either.

    "You are a realtor," it pointed out.

    Richard nearly balked. "Um... yeah. Yeah, I'm a realtor," he answered slowly. "H-How'd you know that?"

    "I've been watching you."

    "Y-Yeah, okay. You know what, sir? That's - That's just a little creepy. C-Can you, like, not?" Good lord, it's like Ma and Pa said: the people in the city were all kinds of deviant! Holding up a hand, Richard put his foot down right then and there. "H-Hey, I don't know what your deal is and why you're wearing... that," he gestured, "but you really need to leave. This is a private auction and unless you have explicit business here, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, g-got it?" Why did he always get the hard assignments...?

    "I want to buy land," it reasserted.


    That time Richard did tweak an ear. "I-I'm sorry, what? You're looking to...?" It leaned forward, almost menacingly.

    "To. Buy. Land."

    Oh... Oh god.

    And before Richard could even come up with a refusal on the fly, a shoe box was gruffly thrust into his chest. "Oof, hey! Watch it, pal! I just got this suit dry cleaned yesterday!" he griped.

    "Open it."

    A thousand horrible thoughts flooded Richard's mind at once. What could be inside, he wondered? A dead rat, a mashed-up pigeon, body parts? The colour in his face drained and his knuckles became a deathly-white. Well... Richard was in a protected area of the city, right? What's the worst that could happen, honestly? Despite his better judgement he nodded his head, raking a hand through his silky blond hair. "Okay, okay. I'll, um... open it," he agreed. Here goes nothing. Shaky fingers popped off the lid and what was inside had Richard's mouth agape. "...Holy shit," he remarked, forgetting his manners. Credits - nothing but credits were stacked up from edge to edge, the realtor swiftly estimating roughly 10,000.00 PBD in pure currency. He at once closed the shoe box and cleared his throat, dizzy. "Okay, uh, so! You w-want to buy this parcel of land, huh?"

    It nodded rigidly, joints creaking. "Yesss."

    "Right, got it. Here, hold this for a sec... Yeah, like that, thank you." Thank his lucky stars, hot damn! There was a customer and it was paying in pure cash, poor hygiene or not! At once Richard withdrew a slew of papers from his messenger back, placing a pen between his teeth as he hastily leafed through countless documents and papers. Let's see, let's see... Where was the - aha, it was right here. "Alright, so," Richard removed the pen from his mouth and sidled next to the string bean of a guy, showcasing all sorts of complicated legal and realty jargon. "If you're willing to accept this property and all that it entails, I'll need you to sign, Mr., um...?" he indicated.

    "Fear - jusssst Fear," it replied, taking the pen without fuss. Well, at least he wasn't a finicky customer who was impossible to please...

    Richard flashed him a weak smile. "Of course your name is Fear." God, what a cocktail of unpleasantness. Well, he's dealt with worse. A hand brushed aside a few droplets of sweat and Richard knuckled down. "Okay, ah, Fear. Please sign here, here, aaaaand here... Yeah, perfect. Just like that, thank you." If the boys down at the water cooler didn't give him a raise for this or a shiny new desk near the window, Richard was going to hand this guy's file over to them!

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