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    A Request For Tutelage

    Ariana Lee
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    A Request For Tutelage

    Post by Ariana Lee on Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:00 pm

    Time: 12:45 PM
    Date: February 8, 0006

    Requester: Ariana Lee
    Request Name: Archery Tutor Needed!
    Type of Request: Hybrid? Not traditionally Combat-related, but does deal with elements involved in combat.
    Description: Seeking a tutor or mentor who is skilled in the art and sport of archery.

    Ariana had to hand it to the old Judge, he offered an interesting perspective on things. Ariana had been completely willing to handle this all on her own. Of course...maybe she was being naive. Archery wasn't like cooking, you couldn't just watch portal-tube videos, read a few books and expect to suddenly know how to fire arrows like a champ. It was a fun idea, and Ariana had enjoyed her research! But...like it or not, there did need to be a human element! Or uh...a real, physical element at least. Somebody who knew what they were doing, who could show her the ropes. In this wide world of Portal Breach, there had to be someone else who knew archery.

    The young woman crept out during her lunch break, keeping her pace fast as she jogged down the street. A jacket covered her uniform shirt, one that would declare for all to see that she worked at the A&W, and her name was Ariana. It was smothered in the jacket instead, though only for warmth. A hand flew to her face to keep her glasses from bouncing off her nose. Her sneakers clapped against the cement as she went, before she came to a stop. Her sneakers slid, thanks to the snow, but she caught herself on the side of the bulletin board. Breathing out a big sigh, Ariana pulled out a piece of folded paper, stowed in a pocket. In school, she had never been very good about asking for help. She just kept her head down and struggled with the problem alone until she eventually worked it out. But there was no shame here... No shame in asking for a professional to help. No shame, when she could pay them. Her slender fingers pressed against the creases of the papers, and she tacked her request onto the board, with so many other papers. With a small nod to herself, the young woman took off once more. Her lunch break wouldn't last forever!

    Recommended Level: N/A
    Reward: A lot of gratitude and an appropriate sum. (OOC, I can either give you 1000 points or two levels! Your choice.)
    Additional Notes: Must be knowledgeable in archery and able to provide a bow and arrow, if only for practice use.

    Taken Slots:

    Remaining Slots: 1

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