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    Rock Bottom

    Post by Mortis on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:17 pm

    Time: 4:00 AM
    Date: January 23, 0006


    Judge Mortis’ claws pressed themselves firmly against the sides of his skull, staring down at the patterns in the linoleum floor. Black and white checkers stretched from the back of the room where he sat, all the way through to the mangled doorway where the remains of his last drink had shattered. Some of the shards scattered and danced over a long red smear that stretched back behind the store counter; the messy remains of the liquor store owner that had long since been reduced to a cloud of blue code. A broken hissing sound shuddered from the undead’s ribs and he curled a little more in on himself, his knees drawn up to his chest. Next to him a brown bag sat haphazardly, the bottom dampened by a puddle from another bottle he had guzzled from.

    ”Why... Why didn’t I sssay anything?”

    There was another choked, rasping sound, and the Dark Judge’s hands came to rest on his knees. He had thought of how to reason to his brother what he had decided, but when it came time to speak... A hand reached back to his snout, the bone bleached an unnatural white by the fluorescent lighting overhead. He had not said anything, not a hiss, not a gurgle or a rumble, just nothing. Even worse, it lasted, long enough that Fear had grown tired of waiting, tired of holding back so much suffering. He felt his brother’s anger, great enough in its fury that it threatened to shatter the defenses he had placed upon his side of their mental link. It bulged and threatened to break, though he had been frightened to know his brother’s fury, it seemed deserving that he should have felt it all, to suffer it instead of hiding behind his shields and walls. He deserved punishment, he deserved to have his spirit rent to pieces for his crimes. The many... many atrocities that his brother had to suffer because of him, because he could not decide between his brother and his badge.

    His claws scraped loudly down the side of his snout, the dimmest flicker of red within his eye sockets seeming to waver like a dying flame as he looked towards the rack of bottles. There were so many, and yet, as much as he could wish to flood his host with them all, seep his bones through with alcohol... It would do nothing, no amount of them would be able to soothe the gaping hole he felt within his chest, larger than any that Batman could have hoped to kick through his host. It ached, it burned, and it refused to be soothed by any tonic this dingy shop could carry. For a moment the thought had brought back the image of Miss Kitty’s face, and the pain swelled once again.

    "Vessskur died, that'sss what happened! He died, Missss Kitty fell into ssself-loathing, and you weren't there, Mortisss. You weren't there for any of it! I had warned you... I had warned you. I had warned you to be mindful - to ssshow diligence! And what did you do!? You disssregarded my ssseasssoned advice and went plodding forward without a sssingle ounce of cognizance for your actionsss; your ssselfisssh, inconsssiderate ACTIONSSS!"

    I was right...

    He did not need his brother to spell it out, he had deduced there was some reason that Lunette had managed to evade being corrupted by their presences despite the long hours she pent with the both of them even while he had been out wandering the grasslands... He just had not thought it would have been Veskur of all people. The rabbit was a caring person, he loved Lunette dearly, but he had not thought he would have gone and died for her. There was another sob and the Dark Judge buried his face within his hands again, the glow going completely dark.

    ”I did thisss....” He shuddered, ”I killed him...I betrayed her...” The one person... She was the only living person in this hellscape that he had considered a friend, that he liked, and he drove her to loathe and hate herself. All because he decided to give the benefit of the doubt, that maybe Lunette was right and she did not need to be protected from his aura, from their auras. He had not been careful enough, and not only had he killed the one she held dear, and he was not around to comfort her... To pick up the pieces he had left behind and be responsible for his folly.

    She suffered, Veskur suffered, his brother suffered... For what?

    For a sheep-skulled fool who was not worth the love and care that they had shown him? For a creature undeserving of their acts of kindness?!

    A clawed hand lessened their grip upon the side of his sheep’s skull and grasped at the edges of his badge, pulling and tilting it so its wooden surface could be seen from where his head was tucked down to his knees. It’s skeletal visage glared at him, the name carved into its face seeming to bark at him, demanding his attention. His duty demanded his attention, unfaltering, without distraction... It was the responsibility of a Judge to continue even when they no longer had a home to return to, to keep going and spread justice where there was none.

    A Judge... Could he call himself that anymore?

    "You abandoned me. You abandoned me, Mortisss... After all we had been through, after the reasssurancesss ssspoken on our behalvesss, you abandoned me becaussse you could not bear to wield the mantle of ressssponsssibility!"

    The memory of his brother’s bass rang loudly within his head, its message twisting and tearing that gaping, aching hole over where his heart would be larger and larger.

    How could he call himself a Judge when he had left his brother alone to suffer for actions that were not his doing? What part of their law and doctrine would excuse him for his irresponsibility? Distance had warped them, and every step he took out into that no-man’s land had only sowed more seeds within his mind to drive the both of them further apart. Paranoia, distrust... Since when had he felt this way about his brothers, about the three that had done nothing but stayed close to him for centuries? His claws shook as they curled around the edges of the wooden object, something that had once given him so much pride now felt as if it were burning and chafing against his chest like acid.

    He could have defended Death as much as he wished, but their leader, as always, was not there. He had not come to join them in this backwards, vexing dimension. Fire was not here either, and as much as the Dark Judge thought he could perhaps predict what their actions would be... What point was there? What purpose was there in trying to keep to an ideal, a belief when the ones who would have been watching and listening are no longer there?! Their mission had no purpose, a mission that now rested solely upon his shoulders to carry out. It held no meaning, no weight in a world where death was only a temporary setback. What then, when the entirety of this world had all the time they wished, an eternity to learn how to defeat him, how to contain him, and possibly how to destroy him... What grand reward awaited after eons of work, what necropolis would there be waiting for him after he had finally destroyed life time and time again to build hundreds of these vast cities of bone and silence? What rest would there be for him to gain?

    He wanted to deny it, how he wished he could continue to deny that their jobs no longer held purpose, that all he held to such a high standard no longer meant anything... But in the process all he had done was hurt those who had cared for him, smashed their dreams and hopes.

    ”...You never loved me, Mortisss. You coveted me, you desssired me, but you never loved me...”

    “...It wasss not I, brother, who ssselfissshly enjoyed Misssss Kitty'sss company asss if ssshe were sssome idle fassscination. And it wasss not I, brother, who lossst the meaning - the true meaning - of what it meant to be brothersss. You, Judge Mortisss, and you alone, condemned yourssself."

    ”... I held on tightly and believed that you would enjoy our freedom asss I had, but in the end... you only ssslipped away...”

    "...you are nothing more than a monssster ssshackled to a piece of unfeeling metal that no longer holdsss any purposssse whatsssoever. You would be nothing more than a ssslave to fruitlessss idealsss, and no better than the very leader who valued our sssoulsss ssso poorly."

    How could he be a Judge when he knew nothing about brotherhood, about the bonds that tied him to those he had called brother.

    How could he keep going, when he knew not the faintest thing about love, pure, true love?

    How could he continue to go forth and dispense justice when he no longer knew the meaning of it?

    How could he be a Judge, when all he had been, all that he was... was only a monster.

    The hand he had curled around his badge shuddered as another sob wracked his host with tremors. His grip tightened and pulled, the leather creaking as it stretched with the action until there was a hash snap of the clip breaking away from his uniform, another harsh tug and the wooden clasp that connected the badge to the chain upon his neck shattered. There was barely a blink between Mortis’ removal of the now hated thing and his arm winding back.


    clack! clack! clack...

    A wooden badge with the name MORTIS emblazoned boldly upon it now sat skewed against the far side of the floor, the window a few feet away from it sporting a snaking webbing of cracks from where it had been flung.


    The undead curled further in on himself , his hands grasping at the back of his head. He had not a brother, he had not been a friend or even a lover, he was not a Judge, and now... Now he no longer knew if he could even be considered a person. Anguish tugged at his soul and the sheep-skulled undead could no longer gather the focus to keep his brother unaware of his thoughts, his mind. The wall he had placed between himself and Fear faltered, flickering like static, before it finally fell away.

    Weak, prone, vulnerable... He knew he was but he no longer cared, there was no reason to care. Anderson in all of her accursed glory could appear before him, rip him from his host, shove him into a crystal and buried where not a soul could find him, never to be freed again... And he would have welcomed it. Yet... He would still be where he was, wouldn’t he?

    He would still be a monster.

    He would still not be a brother or a friend.

    He would still not have known a single thing about love even if it had slapped him across the snout.

    He would only be alone, with himself and his sins to keep him company. Just like he was now. The only difference was that now he was no longer a Judge... he could no longer be a Judge. Yet, there was something about it that eased his sadness, lifted him if ever so slightly, from the depths of his sorrow.

    Mortis was free... Like his brother was free. He could do something about his actions, he could help Lunette, he could make amends with his brother, he could... he could make them right! ...R-right?

    "Pleasssse leave... I cannot ssstand the sssight of you any longer. Leave thisss place and go about your dutiesss. There isss nothing left for you here but broken promisssesss and dreamsss."

    ...Or perhaps... Perhaps he had done too much.

    Claws scratched at the back of his skull and his host shuddered with another set of rasping sobs. Sorrow swallowed his thoughts like a bottomless sea, and he let it sink him, drown him. It was what he had condemned himself to, his self-fulfilled prophecy and fate. He deserved and welcomed every stabbing pain that gouged his chest, lanced him through both heart and mind...

    He deserved nothing less than what he had sown.

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