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    Research with Truly Unexpected Results.....

    Nyreena Dark Savaridin


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    Research with Truly Unexpected Results.....

    Post by Nyreena Dark Savaridin on Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:36 pm

    Time: 7:45 am
    Date: Feb. 1, 2016

    This was it. Today was the day that Nyreena finally decided to go to the library and get the research she wanted get to finally solve her personal mystery once and for all. Getting up early that morning she took a good shower and changing into something comfortable to wear instead of her steampunk outfit she made and ate a hearty breakfast to keep her going a good several hours into her trip. After putting away her food and washing the dishes she packed up the notebooks she had gotten to take down all the notes she found to be important or relevant to her search into a satchel, retrieved her locket from its secret hiding place looking it over a few moments before slipping it around her head and exhaling a breath of air after, then slinging her satchel on her shoulder she left the Inn and casually flew to the library. Along the way her mind was starting to fill with thoughts and curious wonders as to what her research was going to lead her to and what answers she would find to solve the mystery that had been haunting her her entire lifetime.

    After a short time later Nyreena finally arrived at the library landing in the front and staring up at it, seeing how large it was from her time in the air, unable to believe how truly vast it was. Sighing a breath of air to calm herself she made her way inside and gaped even more at what she was seeing. This was by far the biggest library she had ever been in, making all the libraries in New York seem like small town bookstores. Losing herself in her awe for a few minutes she snapped herself out of her stupor and got her focus back in order then deciding to get some help she stepped up to the front desk and asked one of the librarians if they could help her find all the books on the Ghost Zone that was available. After a considerable amount of time to find all the books that they could the librarian assisting her helped her to a private spot that held a nice big table to hold all the books that they found and a comfortable chair to sit in. Thanking the librarian for his help Nyreena took her satchel off and setting it down on the table she pulled out a notebook and a pen while sitting down in the chair, grabbing a book from the pile and beginning to read through it, taking notes about things that she felt stood out to her in any way.

    Almost two and a half hours in Nyreena was hard at work continuing her research, working her way through her third book and over halfway through her first notebook scrawled with notes in rather elegant handwriting. So far she had learned that her version of Earth and the very fabric of the Ghost Zone were connected, their existences linked in other words, and the two were the flip sides of each other, meaning that if something happened to Earth it would affect the Ghost Zone and vice versa. She had also learned that all the gases, solids, and liquids that were composed entirely out of ectoplasm was what made up the realm of the Zone itself. Along with the term ectoplasm she read that it had not only physical but also ethereal, the substance had quintessence-esque qualities to it. Making a note to look that up (when she did she found that it meant that it had the quality of being either perfect or the typical example of quality or class) she continued on, reading that the ghosts of the Zone could either be spirits of humans who had passed on but were haunted by some sort of unfinished business that condemned them to the Zone or they were actually from the Ghost Zone, sometimes known as a death person and that they could breed. Finding that interesting she made it a very important point in her notes and kept on reading. Getting to a section about the characteristics of the type of ghost she was she found that all ghost seemed to have the standard powers a ghost would have such as flight, invisibility, intangibility, etc., while others were rarer such as duplication, ghost rays, and superhuman abilities. Then there were the even more rarer powers such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, cryokinesis, and looking down at her hand she was surprised at this revelation. To know now that she had such a rare power it was rather startling. Of course it made her think of what else she might have as such as rare powers then putting it on the back burner she went back to her reading. Deciding to find out about weaknesses her reading came upon three: ectoplasm and ectoplasmic energy being used against ghosts in some sort of weapon, blood blossoms which were a flower with blood-red petals that had anti-supernatural properties, and the rare element ecto-ranium which ghosts couldn't touch. Making that note as an advisory to avoid at all costs she would make sure to keep her eyes out for anything like this and get out of there fast. Putting the last point on the exclamation mark she continued on with her reading.

    Over three hours later Nyreena was still going at it, reading through another book on the Zone that said that it had a wide variety of places and locations which could be accessed through doors that was usually styled, sized, and shaped in accordance to what was behind it. Getting a bit more curious about that she flipped over a few pages and found that there were a lot of locations that were islands floating in mid-air that differed from each other, sometimes it had to do with the certain powers that the ghost residing there had. Glancing down the page Nyreena saw that there was a list of known and/or named locations, such as Walker's Prison and the Ghost Writer's Manor, along with references to either chapters or other books that had more in-depth information about each one. Reading through the list every time she passed by a certain one, the one called Pariah's Keep, Nyreena's vision started to cloud over and strange memories began to fill her mind ones that she had no clue about whatsoever. Each one detailed something that she couldn't understand, to strange voices that kept saying something she couldn't understand to foggy and incoherent images of strange people that she couldn't make out. Looking away from the book and rubbing her eyes to get the memories to fade from her mind she tried to understand what had been happening in the past few minutes and why it was. The only reason she knew why so far was that every time she looked at the one name on the list the memories would return. Deciding to go on a hunch she read what the caption was beside the name, trying her best to ignore the memories that would return, and read that it was the castle of the once great Pariah Dark. Touching her locket as she read the name a strange feeling curdled inside of her core that she couldn't understand but it felt like it was telling her to find out more about him. Thinking it over for a few moments she decided to follow the feeling and find out exactly who this Pariah Dark was. Setting the one book she had aside she started rifling through the rest of the books hoping that there was at least one book about him.

    After spending about twenty minutes sifting through the pile of books Nyreena finally managed to find a book that was about Pariah and cracking it open she quickly started to flip through the pages, reading as fast she could stopping for a few moments to stare at a picture of him to see what he looked like. And by that picture alone it sent a chill down her spine at how intimidating he was. From what she could get so far Pariah was the king of all ghosts who had control of two objects called the Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage and getting into the chapter about his history it said that long before all the ghosts in the Zone were created Pariah was the most powerful and dangerous ghost in the realm, apparently a terrible tyrant and had ruled the Zone with a cruel, iron fist. With the two treasures in his possession they gave him tremendous, and possibly unlimited, power which made him an unstoppable force so as long as the two objects were together. Finally after suffering for so long under his rule a group of ancient ghosts gathered together and by some unexplainable force managed to get the Crown and Ring away from Pariah, finally defeating him and imprisoning him in an ancient artifact called the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep, destroying his kingdom afterwards only leaving his castle on a floating island where they hoped that he would stay and sleep forevermore. Absolutely shocked by this Nyreena couldn't believe that he was such a monster and would cause this kind of chaos. She wanted to stop but the feeling from before pushed her to keep going and she followed it to the next chapter where it said that since he was once the king of all ghosts he had a commanding force about him, expecting all who served him to heed his word or else it would be their end, not being able to tolerate. He was a ghost who was ruthless, strict, malevolent, and would force his soldiers to go and conquer places that were not under his rule just to get what he wanted without so much as a thought. He enjoyed gaining as much power as he could as well as spreading his influence wherever he could. Wanting to stop even more the feeling kept driving her on to read what powers and abilities he had and there was a long list of them, reiterating once again that he was most powerful ghost in existence and that his powers included the standard plus an array of superhuman ones such as speed, strength, resistance, stamina, to more individual ones such as size alteration, being able to summon an army to his command, teleportation, and even having the rare telekinesis and being able to alter his size as need be. Finally pushing the book away from her Nyreena's head swam with all this information at the same time her gut and her senses raging within her that kept saying that this was the key that she had been looking for.

    Unable to take it anymore Nyreena finally took a step away from her work to get a break her mind racing and spinning from everything that had happened. Slipping her locket over her head and off she stared at it, namely the back where the word Dark had been inscribed, trying to figure out what this had to do with anything at this point but the only connection was with Pariah's last name. And as far as she could tell whatever what was inside could be what decided whether or not the tables would turn. But she still didn't know how to open it and everything she tried all ended in failure. Flipping the locket over to the front to look at the ectocrystal cross and watching how it glinted as it took in the light she wondered something and got a strange idea from it. Holding it so that it was sitting between the tips of her fingers she took what she learned and focused her energy into the crystal, making it glow bright green and the more she put in the more it glowed and when it glowed as bright as it possibly could a click was heard from underneath the lid which popped open with a slight jiggle. Her eyes opening wide as she realized that her idea worked she slowly reached with her other hand and opening the locket all the way she looked inside and gasped in horror before tossing the locket onto the table. Inside were two pictures: one was a ghostly woman she didn't recognize and the other was of Pariah himself. How this was even possible was beyond her and she was sure that it was her mind playing tricks on her from all the research she had been doing but when she went to pick up her locket and see if it was to her disappointment what she was seeing was the clear and honest truth. She couldn't believe that his picture, the ghost that she had just read who had been a tyrant and monster, was in her locket that was in her possession for the longest time. Unable to wrap her head around any of this the only thing that she could do to help calm her down was telling herself that his was just not possible and that it was all just a culmination of so much reading she had done with hardly a break in between. But looking back at her locket again, knowing that this was the one that she had in her possession for as long as she remembered and that it was one of a kind, she couldn't deny that her gut was suspecting that this was the honest truth and not just some delusion her mind was making up or even it being just her not being able to believe it.

    Time: 4:00 pm

    Checking to see what time it was and seeing that it was starting to get late Nyreena thought about what to do next and glancing at the pile of books that were still out she went over to them, gathered the ones she thought she would need and the rest she managed to get put away before putting her locket back on, closing the lid then packing up and taking the books she kept out she brought them to the front desk where after getting a few things taken care of she got them checked out and as she left she slipped them into her bag then with a final look at the library she took off to the air and flew off, unsure about what to do next and where to go from there.

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