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    A day off



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    A day off

    Post by Bloodscream on Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:24 pm

    Time: 6:00 AM
    Date: 1/20/16

    Deep in the belly of the outer district Bloodscream sat in his isolated apartment, a single faint lamp illuminating the room in the wee hours before the sun rose. He had a day off, which in of itself was nothing special. Like all others Bloodscream was allotted free days, Deaths' Ace was not the busiest place after all. But Bloodscream was a man of action, a man of work. While he could enjoy some peace and quiet he was also a man of action, to sit idle was not his way, and so he always tried to remain busy.

    But even that could prove...problematic. Bloodscream was a man of conflict, of war and violence that thrived in the underbelly of the crime world. Without someone to guard or a clear goal in mind, without Patch around to hunt, he was without a cause. The issue of the judges had been deemed as something of little concern to the rest of Deaths' Ace, and even the judges themselves had seemed to meander off. Bloodscream had seen very little of them, the unrest with the gangs was as always prominent but when had there not been gang violence?

    Even in the matters concerning the Demon that lived in Lochlann, there was only so much research he could do on the subject before his very eyes began to bleed. The outer district had it's surveillance system running, all that was left for him to do in that matter was continuously check up on it. It appeared that his day was to be filled with monotonous task after monotonous task.

    With a great roll of his shoulders the immortal pushed himself upwards off the floor, push ups did little to improve his physical strength, but working his muscles helped him wake up. He'd have a quick shower, perhaps something to eat, and then he'd get on with his day. Just because he was relieved from watching over Death's Ace didn't mean he could sit around on his hands and do nothing after all.

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