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    A Home With a View



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    A Home With a View

    Post by Shaiamils on Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:41 am

    DATE: JANUARY 13TH, 2015
    TIME: APPROX. 6:30 PM

    Shaiamils walked quickly, almost in a huff. Perhaps it wasn't necessary, but treading hurriedly became force of habit when you juggled a full-time job with a slew of many other things. This was confirmed when the avian arrived on the property, but the man he was scheduled to meet wasn't there yet. A quick look at his watch reveal that he was, in fact, early. Great, now he was going to wait... Oh well, at least it was better than being late. Punctuality was in the feathered alien's nature, after all.

    "Oh my! You're early, aren't you? I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long," he eventually heard a voice say.

    "Oh no, you're fine," Shaiamils replied. "I have the unfortunate habit of arriving much too early for, well, just about everything."

    "I would hardly call that an unfortunate habit, sir. That's a good thing." The man paused, going over some papers in his hands. "Everything appears to be in order, but you did say that you wanted to take one last look at the place before sealing the deal?"

    "Correct. That isn't a problem, is it?"

    "Of course not. Go right in." And with that the door was unlocked for the soon-to-be homeowner.

    It was a gorgeous townhouse with a nice, modern feel. The place was small, but still relatively spacious. The bottom floor consisted of a kitchen area, living area, bar area, and small bathroom. This bathroom also held the house's laundry equipment. Shaiamils couldn't help but notice just how this house popped with color just from looking at the bottom floor. It was lovely! The top floor, aside from the hallway, had a little reading corner, the master bedroom, master bathroom, and an entrance to a balcony. It had a great view! The feathery alien gave a solemn nod. Yes, this place would be perfect for him! He abruptly returned to the realtor.


    "Indeed I am. I'm happy to say that I'll be purchasing this property," Shaiamils responded.

    "Excellent!" the man exclaimed. "All I need you to do is sign here. This is the deed, you see. And then I can accept your payment."

    Very eagerly, the doctor did as he was instructed. He would be turning in his Inn key very soon, it seemed. The transaction was completed with a firm handshake.

    "Congratulations, doctor! It's all yours now."

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