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    Pumpkins, Where Art Thou?



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    Pumpkins, Where Art Thou?

    Post by Shaiamils on Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:46 pm

    DATE: NOVEMBER 23RD, 2015
    TIME: APPROX. 5:30 PM

    Shaiamils shivered, quaking as he entered the supermarket complex. It was so cold outside! Luckily for the doctor, though, it felt nice inside. Now to get down to business. He pondered for a moment, thinking. Where exactly was he going to find pumpkins in here? Would he even be able to find pumpkins in here? They had kind of fallen out of demand since Halloween. That was to be expected, though.

    Why was the tall avian out looking for pumpkins? He had thought long and hard on it since the beginning of the month. The Stock Pot Inn cooked up a Thanksgiving dinner for its patrons every year. Shaiamils thought that it might be a good idea to contribute a dish to the dinner this year. The alien didn't last year. Perhaps it could be a pleasant surprise! What harm could it do, after all?

    Was he looking to cook up some pumpkin pies? Close, but not quite. What Shaiamils was looking to do was to roast a good old batch of pumpkin seeds. The very thought of them was enough to make his stomach growl. Now, pumpkins, pumpkins... Aha! The feathered doctor's face lit up at the sight of them. Pumpkins, how fortunate! With haste, he put them into his buggy and proceeded to checkout.

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