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    Enough is Enough



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    Enough is Enough

    Post by Grodus on Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:25 pm

    Time: 9:00 AM
    Date: 6/29/2015

    All in all, it seemed a quiet enough morning at the Stock Pot Inn, at least when it came to the lobby and the various hallways. However, it was a slightly different story in room 103, where a certain cursed mage was sleeping fitfully. Grodus laid there in bed with half the sheets kicked off of him, and curled up around his pillow as if it were the only comfort he had. A scattering of faint whimpers could be heard as he dreamed, and he clung to the pillow even harder. Eventually he started talking a bit in his sleep, the words anything but happy.

    "Crump... it's me, it is! ... Please, I'm telling the truth..."

    There was a shuddering intake of breath from the sleeping mage, tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes even as he slept.

    "Please, don't go..."

    Grodus woke up a moment or two later, his eyes snapping open, though the look in them was still quite distant indeed. He sat up, dimly noting that he was in his room, and his second in command was nowhere to be found. The second thing he noticed was the dampness trailing down both cheeks, and he reached up to rub it away. There was a certain part of him that wanted to just curl up and go right back to sleep, unwilling to deal with the world, but he knew he would end up having the same dream even if he did. That and once he was awake, he was awake; that was something that stayed the same regardless of suddenly getting turned organic or not.

    No choice but the morning routine, now, and so the technomage got to that, stretching and yawning before sliding out of bed. Grodus gathered up a set of his robes and headed for the bathroom. Ugh, all these stupid little organic daily needs . . . he was used to them by now, having been stuck as a human for almost a month, but he didn't think they were any less stupid. Well, showers were nice while human, but that was about it.

    Not ten minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom completely dressed aside from his gloves, idly running a brush through his very long hair. All right, that was one other thing he liked, the sensation of brushing his hair was oddly relaxing. Still, it didn't take him long to finish, leaving his thoughts to dwell on his recent dreams. He lost count of how many times he had them; the X-Nauts suddenly appearing on the Breach in droves, only for them to not recognize or even acknowledge him due to his transformation. Not even Crump was willing to-- At that he cut himself off mid-thought, as he felt tears threatening to well up again. Ugh, he just finished cleaning himself up, there was no use in getting overwhelmed again.

    Trying to hold things back only got harder as he approached his desk to retrieve his gloves, and sighted the Magical Map spread out there.

    Nothing about the map had changed in the time since he found it, and likely wouldn't unless he took some sort of action. The thought of going anywhere near the Thousand Year Door still managed to set Grodus to trembling, but it wasn't quite as bad as the moment in the library. Those dreams galled him, though; the longer he remained like this, the more likely it was they would come true, he didn't want that either.

    There was no question, he had to go there, preferably that day. With that he put his gloves on, then grabbed the map to place into one of his robe pockets. Grodus moved around his room, slipping his boots on and grabbing the few other things he needed to go out, then headed for the door. He would stop in the dining area first for breakfast, but after that it was time to go to the outer district.

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