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    Post by Hazama on Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:49 am

    Time: 2:39 PM
    Date: September 3rd, 2015

    The Hive. The place where the Trolls had once found abode, where they had stayed together and enjoyed life peacefully together. It was a shame that all had to come to an end, however. A real shame, since the only one left was a genocidal troll. However, that wasn't to say that he was the only troll recoverable... just the only one left. Being able to sense time fuckery in the way that he could, Hazama had felt... something. Some weird time alteration, and he had followed his weird feeling.

    It had led him here. "..." He made no comment, staring upon the ruins curiously. Looked like someone had gone to town, and judging by what he had heard around and seen (and hadn't seen, in the case of a certain ramtroll that would always throw herself in the way of him purposely) he didn't need any more than one guess to be able to tell whose hate-filled temper tantrum in particular had caused this mess. "Wow, he really did a number on the Hive, huh?" It was totally busted, and barely standing. It looked like a fickle breeze would destroy the shaky foundations that were keeping up the little amount of the Hive that was still even remotely standing.

    Hazama walked closer. Time shenanigans here? He knew that Aradia had been the something of Time in their little Troll game. The thing was, she was gone. Something didn't feel right, though... he just couldn't name what. Regardless, he started rummaging around in the rubble. He wasn't one for scavenging, but he needed to find something related to Aradia. She had been a big part of his plans, and he couldn't just afford to let her go. With something important to her, he might be able to find some way to work around things... something that had her imprint on it.

    After a good while of searching, it looked like the place had been picked clean of Aradia's important belongings. He had searched for nearly a full hour for something like that, but all he had ended up finding was rubble... there was only one area he hadn't searched, and he was about to pull up rubble there to have a look. At this point, he wasn't hoping for much. Pulling up the rubble, he surprised himself. What he had found wasn't what he was after, but damn if it wasn't the next best thing. In fact, it may even have been a much better thing than what he was after. "A robot...?"

    He removed the rubble, pulling out a rusty, metal Aradia head followed by a detached body. Dead, this robot had no power. Who knew what it held, though... databanks were incredible, and judging by the little he did know about the Trolls' world, this robot could be absolutely exceptional in terms of its ability to teach him things. He'd just need to find a way to fix it, first. From the front, Ouroboros chains flew forward and grabbed the different, broken parts of the robot individually. It had been complete before the temper tantrum that had destroyed the Hive... good job, Eridan.

    Hazama turned and started walking away, his intention to put the Hive on the horizon as quickly as possible. He needed to find out of this robot even could still function...

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