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    Post by Eridan Ampora on Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:55 am

    Time: 3:23 AM
    Date: 31st October 2015

    Eridan stepped into a cave, checking it out. He had been walking through the wilds for months. The moon was waning, but its moonlight still shone through the trees in the forest below and the entrance was lit up in the dull nighttime glow. The fishy troll looked out at the fallen leaves on the ground, their colours dyed a beautiful autumn brown. After all this time, his purple cape was beginning to show signs of wear, and it was a tad ragged at the bottom. As someone who had lived in nature for months now rather than having a specific home, he had learned a surprising amount. It was much more difficult to survive, and you needed to be careful with how you rationed things.

    Adjusting his scarf, Eridan sat down in the cave. Winter was coming. It came twice a sweep on this world, which usually meant two twelfth perigees. He wouldn't be getting anything this twelfth perigee, and he wouldn't be getting anyone anything either. It was going to be a lonely twelfth perigee for him, but he wasn't openly complaining. He was incredibly jaded at this point, and for the most part he would rather have no-one at all than people that would just ditch him no matter the relationship.

    Saved money, anyway.

    It had actually been a while since he had talked to anyone. Secretly, a small part of him was craving it. He wanted someone to talk to, but he didn't want to act like it as he had no-one to talk to about his loneliness; no-one had even come to look for him, so he didn't bother communicating with anyone. Everyone probably assumed he had left too, if they had even thought of him at all. He had just been that scarce in populated areas over the last few months.

    The troll sat down in the cave, wrapping his tatty cape around himself. He slunk his head into his scarf, closing his eyes slightly. It was time for rest.


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    Re: Respite

    Post by Fear on Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:08 am

    Time: ???
    Date: November 7, 0006

    Loneliness, the biting sting of jade, a craving... So fresh, so new. He was close.

    Traversing the landscape had been nothing to a creature that knew not fatigue, hunger, or breath. Fear made short work of whatever distance lay between him and his quarry, the shadows as every much eager as they were during the onset of his abilities. Each step he took was a mile in the boy's shoes, the fiend's thoughts specifically honed to that of a young Alternian. He felt contempt for this world, for the sheer hypocrisy of those who promised him their word. Disgusting filth... It was better to be alone than to risk yet more disappointment. And yet, he desired interaction... A pang of yearning churned within his rotten breast. Callused soles gingerly leaped over rock and stone alike, Fear's grotesque fingernails digging into earth. More caves? Huh... He was just about to race up the mountainside's face when a strange sound entered his helm. The ghoul immediately stilled his approach and fell into a lifeless pose.

    Thump-thump... Thump-thump... Thump-thump...

    Could it be...?

    The predator deep within him at once awakened, its appetite demanding for blood to be spilled on this night. Ahh... but patience, patience. This was a search, and one without the 'destroy' attached. Fear dropped onto a knee and listened in silence, his otherworldly feelers scanning deep within the caves just to be sure. A heartbeat, the faint repetition of breath, the scratching of fabric against rock... The hunt was at last over. He studied his surroundings one last time and slipped away into the darkness, chains rattling ever so quietly. Such a pity that he could not end the boy's suffering on this eve...

    Such a pity indeed.

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