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    Gotta Gotta Gotta get those Halloween treats!



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    Gotta Gotta Gotta get those Halloween treats!

    Post by Leo on Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:59 pm

    Time:5:00 PM
    Date: October 15th

    What time was it? Oh about five o'clock. Ah but what day was it? Why October 15th! And you know what that meant, that's right, Halloween. The time of the year where all kids, and some adults, dressed up and haunted the town in search for candy.

    It was coming up! And that meant that Leo had to be prepared, not only for trick or treaters but also for for the unparalleled appetite Alex and Kat had to sweets. Even if those two got every house within the city limit, not excluding small businesses, they'd still dip into the candy that he'd buy for the trick or treaters.


    Well not this year! Leo was going to be prepared! He'd buy a few extra bags and hide the rest somewhere in the top cabinets.

    Grabbing his basket the ex-officer took to the candy aile and picked up several bags of mini candy bars and two bags of suckers. There, that had to be enough to stave off those sugar goblins.


    Leo paid for his things and quietly swore to God if those two went through all the candy before Halloween this year he was making them buy more.

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