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    The Knight Rises



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    The Knight Rises

    Post by Nym on Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:10 am

    October 15th, Year 6 || 20:26

    The kill was impressive; a large stag that had grown too old to outrun a predator of the sky and the dragon's strong legs, the elder stag had become Nym's dinner for the evening. He heartily ate the creature, right down to the bone marrow. The pelt and bones were all that were left of the great stag, and Nym took them both as a prize. His wings spread out, the pelt gathered around the bones and antlers and held within his maw like a sack, the furry dragon lept up towards the sky in flight to his 'nest'.

    It wasn't very far; south-east of the forest, closest to the city, in a large oak. The hole that was at the top was large enough not only for Nym, but his several treasures that he collected as well. The pelt was placed over a bear pelt that he had claimed early in the year, and the bones were carefully placed with the other fragile and old bones. The antlers were adorned atop the pile of pelts, and with a yawn, Nym left his perch down to a river nearby. His thirst needed to be quenched, and after a long drink, Nym took a comfortable seat near the river on a soft mossy bed. The autumn made everything quiet and peaceful, and as his food digested and made him feel at ease... a sharp pain suddenly pierced his chest.

    "Hck!" The Digimon made his best attempt to clutch his chest as he fell to his side and curled up, the sharp pain flowing through out his body. The heat was almost unbearable--and with that, Nym knew. He knew what this was. Trying his best to power through the pain, he closed his eyes, knowing it would be over soon. A flash of light, and the heat within his body faded as he opened his yes and feeling... stronger, but no real difference. Without thinking, he stood up and walked over to the river to glance at himself within the waters.

    Nym's eyes grew wide, and his head jerked back in shock at his reflection.

    "What is this?... Is this some kind of joke...?"

    The hand that was once covered in platinum fur and crimson claws was no more; it was now gold plated, four fingered with a thumb, and unfamiliar to the Digimon. With hesitation, his gold plated fingers brushed against his own face, which appeared to be... adorned with a helmet, or what seemed to be one. His once golden eyes were now stained with crimson, his beautiful wings now a flowing cape and his beastly visage was now that... of a knight.

    "This... I wasn't supposed to be this."

    Hands barely able to stop shaking, Nym's knees gave way as he fell to the ground in a mixture of confusion and fear. He wasn't supposed to become this, wasn't he? Wasn't he supposed to become a... dragon? A winged beast? Some kind of monstrosity? Instead he wore gold armor and held swords at each hip, complete with his navy cape. His hands remained on his face as he tried to comprehend what could have caused this evolution. He had been living in the wild, a friend to most of the beasts and animals; he soared the skies and dove down upon unsuspecting prey with grace and agility; he was to be a majestic beast, surely! Not...

    Nym didn't move from his hunched over position for some time as the cold chill of autumn brushed against his face. The only thing he could do was wonder what he did wrong. The dream he once had of becoming a knight to fight for justice had been killed long ago along with his previous form--and he preferred it that way. The Digimon had become accustomed to the outdoors, the thrill of the hunt, the taste of fresh meat in his maw! And now... he could barely stand straight as he arose from the ground, tempted to use one of the strange swords that were at his hip as a cane. As his hand was laid upon the sheathed blade, Nym's hand twitched, and touched the blade. An... odd feeling of peace overwhelmed him as he gripped the sword and stood erect as he looked to the sky with a serene look.

    It wasn't certain if he truly understood, but he accepted this as his fate. He would not change, however. There was no point in changing when he was fine with how everything was. Taking his first step forward, his lungs filled with air as he jolted, propelling himself into the air and soaring with ease. His loss of wings didn't mean a loss of flight, and Nym felt acceptance wash over him.

    Whatever reason for this, it didn't matter.

    Nym was still the same.

    Nothing had changed.

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