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    Enjoying the Sights



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    Enjoying the Sights

    Post by Minion on Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:39 pm

    Time: 5:00 PM
    Date: October 26, 0006

    Halloween again. It felt like only yesterday that it had been Halloween time. Jack O'Lanterns had been carved, candy collected to give out, and he had tweaked the holo-watch to include a little 'costume'. This year, however... What looked to be a young man sighed as he entered the Park, glancing around the only spot of green to be seen in the city. Dressed in a comfy orange sweater and a green scarf, the young man had a darker complexion, amber colored eyes and a muscular build. Of course, this was merely a disguise. In long strides, Mitchell began to walk down the path of the park, though his eyes had turned down to the ground.

    A bit of loneliness had overtaken him this Holiday season. You could only spend the Holidays with a cat and a fish for so long...there was always the Hyruleans, but they seemed to be rather busy this year. There was always visiting Jo...but ah, she was busy too. There was the Sanctuary, maybe see people and get to know some of the newer ones, or people he had never been acquainted with... Just the idea of entering that building sent anxious shivers down his spine, fins fluttering within his tank while the hologram of a young man tapped his fingers together. He would need to work his way up to that... This was a start. A public area, where anyone could enter and he could make some small talk perhaps! Minion was beginning to feel rather cramped, and he felt the need to stretch his 'legs'. He walked to the edge of one path and peered into a little pond, where the edges had iced over. Though the grass was green, the leaves of the trees had turned deep orange and brown as the dirt, several beginning to fall already. His eyes caught one leaf falling to the grass and the pupils watched every drift and movement as it seemed to dance upon the wind. It was as soothing as watching rain drizzle. The young man sighed a more comfortable sigh, and smiled.

    No matter how lonely he may become, he knew it was better than the alternative.

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