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    Getting in the Halloween Spirit



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    Getting in the Halloween Spirit

    Post by Njorth on Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:50 am

    DATE: OCTOBER 24TH, 2015
    TIME: APPROX. 4:00 PM

    Ahh, weekends. There was so little to worry about on weekends, wasn't there? After all, Njorth's little shop was always closed on the weekends. This weekend, however, was busy. The alchemist couldn't help but notice that his neighbors, for the most part, had already decorated for the season. This simply would not do! He couldn't be the only one on the block not in the Halloween spirit!

    As such, the majority of the alchemist's day had been spent shopping. Shopping for what? Well, Halloween decorations of course! What else would he be shopping for? His first order of business upon returning to the shop was hanging up the orange holiday lights. After all, why not get the hardest task out of the way first? It was the only thing that would require him to use a ladder.

    Everything else was a piece of cake to set up. Black spider web stickers on the windows, fake cobwebs on the stair railing, various pumpkins scattered about outside... Njorth took a moment to examine his handiwork. He nodded in approval. Perfect! The only thing was that the pumpkins were a tad plain as is. Perhaps Discord could help him carve jack o'lanterns out of them?

    It was then that another realization hit him, though. Halloween this year would fall on a Saturday. His shop was closed on the weekends. Parents might tell their children to skip his shop on the idea that no-one would answer the door. The Nord had a simple solution. He would simply have to make a sign, one that proclaimed: "Feel free to knock. I have candy, and I will answer the door!" Yeah, that would work.

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