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    Advertisement: Horror Movie Marathon!

    Post by Knock Out on Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:13 pm

    Time: Noon
    Date: October 19, 0006

    Ah, Halloween...it was a rather silly holiday. Little human children getting all dressed up, running around to chant at their neighbors doors in the hopes of getting free candy. Personally, Knock Out rather liked the part where the children could punish people with pranks. The intent behind all of the traditions of Halloween seemed ridiculous, but...the mech had to admit that there was something alluring about the holiday all the same. Halloween seemed to inspire humans in some many ways... Extravagant costumes, amazing pumpkin carvings, and boisterous parties! The art that Knock Out could most appreciate however, were the films that the holiday seemed to inspire. If not the actual holiday, then definitely the mood it seemed to inspire. A spooky, almost supernatural kind of mood that was contagious. Knock Out rather liked horror movies, and Halloween seemed like the best time to show some of the classics! There was a chance there'd be a lot of people who had never seen the films. That could be a nice experience, right?

    Knock Out strolled down the sidewalk, and his path was a remembered one by now. He had been to the bulletin board so many times in the past several months that it was hard not to remember where it was. The crimson mech unrolled his laminated poster, looking it over with a grin. Again, he had gone to the same printing shop to print out his little ad. This time, he'd gotten some advice from a worker on how to decorate it to make it more...'Halloween'y. The advice had been rather good, and the poster looked great! Proud, he gathered a handful of tacks and set to attaching the poster onto the board. Smoothing it out so that every detail could be seen, he smirked before turning on his heels to walk away. His steps were rather heavy, and once he reached a sizable alley, the Cybertronian pulled off his ring. Now back to his full height, Knock Out transformed into a shiny racecar and took off down the street. He had more business to take care of before the marathon would occur.

    We will be showing Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, Dracula, The Poltergeist, The Thing, and Jaws!

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