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    Chemists Are A Computer's Best Friend



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    Chemists Are A Computer's Best Friend

    Post by K.A.R.R. on Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:23 pm

    Time: Early Morning
    Date: September 2nd, 0006


    Nothing but absolute silence hung within KARR's cabin as he drove out into the heartlands, swiftly weaving through traffic as if they all were standing still. While his optics were on the road and part of his systems were focused upon his route and monitoring his surroundings, the AI's electronic thoughts were alive with contemplation. With his scans having revealed the MBS' core structure, the way to fully restoring himself to his full strength was nearly a straight shot forward. Chemicals could be mixed and made into the special formula, and his analysis of the compound had shown there was only three parts to it.

    However, to get those three parts of the Molecular Bonded Shell compound just right... He would need more than the library could allow. He needed something more advanced, specialized.

    He needed access to GIGA's research mainframe.

    The AI knew it was there, his previous visit to the chemical plant had shown him more than just what their main output was. There were hints in the code, routes that lead to something far more secure, something hidden. To access them at the time would have given away his presence, but now that the place had been cleaned out, manned only by the drones he had set in place... There was nothing stopping him from gaining access to the plant's reservoir of knowledge. Well, save for playing a game of password with the mainframe's security system should he come across an area he could not bypass with an electronic key or clever hacking. However, these were merely tedious details to an advanced supercomputer such as he.

    A few miles off from the plant, KARR's systems notified him that was within range for a wireless interface with the plant's mainframe. Quickly he gained access with the administrative keys he took from the previous visit, slipping inside its systems effortlessly and beginning to peruse the various files as he drew ever nearer to his destination. Massive, metallic walls loomed in the distance and without a single word from the inside the equally massive gates yawned open to receive their guest. The drones were still in place, they recognized their master when he came calling.

    There he would continue his investigation.

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