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    Finding Purpose

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    Finding Purpose

    Post by Loukios of the Web on Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:47 pm

    Time: Midnight
    Date: October 10th

    It was late but Loukios didn't mind the dark.  He was quite accustomed to moon lit walks through strange new places. It was something that always relaxed him. That and playing his violin were the best and his favorite ways to relax when feeling overwhelmed. As he quietly walked down the street, Loukios held out one hand. In a couple seconds, the air began to shimmer and take the form of a dark wood violin.

    Placing his instrument under his chin, Loukios began playing as he walked. He started off slow but steadily as his fingers danced across the strings, weaving intricate musical patterns in the night air. His violin sang perfectly in the narrow alleyway, not too flat or sharp as if it self adjusted to its surroundings. It wasn’t long until a beautiful and graceful song filled the air with the scent of a fresh breeze coming off a warm ocean.

    Loukios was soon lost in his own little world. This often happened when he played his violin or while he was weaving. This is how he solved internal conflicts or coped with what was going on in the world. After three millennia, Loukios would say it was a very positive solution. But what was he stressed or upset about? Nothing really. He had been in Portal City for a few months now, had a home to return to, and even a few acquaintances. What more could a guy ask for? That was what Loukios was trying to answer. He felt as if he didn’t have a purpose in this world. All the essentials were provided without any costs. A man didn’t have to work for anything. That kind of life never suited Loukios. He found purpose in working for a living. So what could he do?

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