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    Self Analysis



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    Self Analysis

    Post by K.A.R.R. on Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:00 pm

    Time: Noon
    Date: September 1st, 0006

    Secluded away in the confines of Warehouse 51344, KARR's form was backed into his usual corner, plugged into the wall socket to take his fill of free flowing electricity. Next to him was his secondary chassis, although the robotic servant he brought with him was far from idle, steadily making progress in its routine maintenance. Soon, however, he would need to make another run out to the Tech Dome in order to bring back supplies. The drone could only do so much with what tools it had built in, and while the AI never treated the other chassis roughly, it would inevitably need parts.

    At once the AI considered himself. How long had he been in this dimension? From his personal databank, KARR deduced that he had officially been in Gamma X for one year, 12 months, 362 days, 12 hours, and one minute. A few more days and he officially would be here for a full two years. It would be two years and yet, KARR could not help but notice he was not all functioning at optimal. The most glaring concern being his MBS, which was still partially corroded from his long time spent in the ocean. A scan revealed that his alloy was at a mere fraction of its full capability, and the wear and tear he suffered while aiding the Judges did little to help it. Though, to go and get a replacement to use as his armor would aid him even less, for what on this planet was superior to Tri-Helical Molecular Bonded Shell? It reflected bullets, could withstand the blast from an explosive, and with two years of salt water damage it could still reflect plenty of damage away from his delicate systems.

    He would not dare settle for anything less.

    Even so, his MBS coating was a rather mysterious thing, a tricky matter of chemical engineering wherein its secrets were kept under lock and key, the formula dispersed to only three personnel who knew only a portion of the means to make it. None of them, so far as he could tell, even made it to this dimension.

    It was a pickle, as humans tended to say, and it would be to one that lacked his capabilities. Thoughtfully the AI pondered his capabilities, one in particular that was the most promising for the situation. His spectrographic analyzer, the go-to scanning function he relied upon for anything that he wished to look at a little more closely. Perhaps it could aid him here? After all, KARR detected no programming that had been engineered for the express purpose of prohibiting him from making a scan of his protective paneling. There were a few beeps within his cabin as the AI activated the analyzer, inverting his scanners onto himself and performing a full-body scan. It took but a few seconds for him to scan his chassis from nose to bumper and the results that were found...

    "Interesting." He uttered, pondering the data.

    Though the compound itself was withered, there was enough for him to base a reconstruction of what the chemical make-up of the MBS could be. As for how he was going to duplicate it however, that would take some research to answer.

    There was a shrill whine of his turbines starting up, and KARR unplugged himself from the wall before making his way out onto the road. He had a few errands to make...

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