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    Morning Stop



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    Morning Stop

    Post by Aderyn on Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:26 am

    Time: 0930
    Date: 5 October 2015

    Such a lovely day! Aderyn strolled happily down the sidewalk, wearing a Halloween smock and lime green pants. Though predicted to be a fairly mild day, she still wore an unbuttoned cardigan. It was fairly cool still this morning, and she didn’t know what to expect when she got off from the hospital. The nights had begun getting chillier, and she certainly didn't want to be cold if she could help it! As she walked down the sidewalk, she breathed in the delicious smells of the district. Aah, yes, she had opted out of a complimentary breakfast at the inn this morning. Her new acquaintance, Dr. Drakken, had said he ran a bakery. What better place to drop in and grab fresh food? She could never say no to a small business owner. Especially one with sweets. Even this nurse-student had a sweet tooth.

    The hybrid stopped before the presumed bakery, and walked in. Mmm…it smells soooo good. Aderyn announced her arrival in a particularly peppy tone. ”Good morning, Doctor Drakken! Do you have any pastries for breakfast?” She looked over the goods, trying to decide just what she could go for this morning. Something that would hold her over until possibly dinner, for sure. But what...oh, the choices to make!

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