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    Not Quite Dreaming Yet

    Homura Akemi


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    Not Quite Dreaming Yet

    Post by Homura Akemi on Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:38 pm

    Time: 10:00 PM
    Date: 24th September, 2015

    Homura sat in her room, staring at her hand. Ever-so-often, she felt a strange pulse from the command spells. They weren't gone, just... dormant. This was what made her sure she would know if another Servant ever arrived. Her command spells would tell her through her magic. Other than that, though, they reacted to other magic. For example, her command spells seemed to pulsate and recognise that magic was being used whenever fighting in a Witch's labyrinth. It was something that made her think.

    Homura lay down on her bed, thinking back. It had been nearly three years now. Three years since she was torn away from that month. She missed it sometimes. It was monotonous, yes, but it was nostalgic now. Kyoko was here, but the rest of her friends were back there. She'd spent much, much longer in the loop than she had here, but sometimes she missed it all the same. Some nights, she struggled to do anything, especially since she found she was missing Madoka a lot. More than usual, in fact. At least Madoka had been there, near her, when she'd been looping.

    As it was now, it was just uncertainty. Endless uncertainty as to whether she would be brought from their world. It just didn't feel right. It made Homura want to claw at her own face sometimes, how much she missed Madoka. Her heart ached for her best friend sometimes, and the way in which she would try to reassure everyone, how she would fail to see her own strengths, how she would smile, cheer everyone on... it really dug at Homura. Selfish or not, she would bring Madoka here in a heartbeat if she had the chance.

    She rolled over. Her mind was too fixated right now... so the Magical Girl closed her eyes, trying to go to sleep.

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