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    Rest Less



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    Rest Less

    Post by Jherrek on Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:27 pm

    SEPT 29; 12:00PM

    Jherrek stands from his swiveling office chair, his eyes watering from the small text of the large tome he is reading. This one has been fascinating, indeed, but nothing like some of the other's he has been into. Pouring over magick book over magick book, he hasn't had much in the ways of time to do other things. The silver haired angel stretches, his lean form flexibly curving backwards as he reaches for the ceiling, which he touches easily. Tallness runs in his genes.  He lets out a soft sigh as he relaxes, turning toward the door and grabbing his clothes, quickly dressing in his slim black dress pants and button up shirt.

    He hears the faint beat of music before he leaves, turning to look into Uriel's neck of the woods in their rooms. The entirety of Jherrek's property have a very neat appearance... Uriel's CDs, boombox, clothes, even the bed when in use, all look as if in shambles. Jherrek's neutral look falls to something like disdain and unamused. This has been the norm since the beginning. After a moment of blinking the mess in his sight away from thought, he turns back toward the door. He indeed needs some fresh air, his brother has been coming around a bit more often, rather than gallivanting off to Light-knows-where for whatever secret exercise he's been doing lately. Slipping on his loafers, he opens the door silently and closes it behind him, turning from the door after locking it and heading toward the stairs.

    As he reaches them, he looks up, and then down. Where shall he go? He doesn't really want to walk all too much, however some sort of exercise is in order. He nods to himself, pulling back his even longer hair in a low ponytail and starts up toward the roof. They Syn'ya's somber look takes on one a bit more determined as he opens the roof's door and steps onto the top of the building. It's not so sunny today, a bit of cloud and less rays on his skin. He nods to himself once again. A good day, not too overly warm.

    Jherrek walks toward the center of the building, eyeing the bell atop the Stock Pot Inn. Such a quaint and unassuming place. So very perfect. He looks down to his hands, putting them into his pockets and pulling out a pair of leather gloves. After pulling them on, he straightens himself, then lifts his hand skyward. Particles of shining energy gather from the air above him before...


    The sword he has held since his coming of age appears in his hand, he snaps his arm down and tightens his wrist, the weight of blade feeling perfect in his left hand, as if someone had reattached his limb. A creeping smile spreads across his face, the shining circle of his halo appears, and he stands still for a moment... then dashes forward, his pony-tailed hair whipping out behind him as he super-humanly lunges and pirouettes from one position to the next,  each time a flurry of circling slices sing through the air as Auriella strikes only once. Shining energies swirl behind the half angel and he returns to his original position, falling still. Lines of energy and a helix of power cover the area, and they also suddenly become motionless. Jherrek flourishes his blade, spinning it in his left hand and then holding it to his nose. The marks in the air diminish and then flash brilliantly, letting loose a large amount of energy. Wind picks up in a whorl around Jherrek, and then dies down slowly.

    Opening his now glowing eyes from his resting position, he lowers his blade.

    "It seems 'like riding a bicycle' is an adequate term for this, isn't it?"

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