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    Job Opening at Victorian Lily - (Shop Floor Assistant)

    Aya Valentine
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    Job Opening at Victorian Lily - (Shop Floor Assistant)

    Post by Aya Valentine on Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:58 pm

    Time: 6:00 AM
    Date: September 11th, 0006

    It was a crisp morning, the draculina's favorite type of morning to be honest with the seasons changing and the days becoming darker and longer. Darkness settled well with her. Before the start of the day she had a thought about having only her and Xiao Xiao working, as it made the  load a little difficult to share. Aya also decided that perhaps having another soul to work with them might make Xiao Xiao happier,that was saying if there was even an applicant in the first place. Still she had to try to see. With a slight hum, the vampire tacked the paper up neatly, making sure it was laid smoothly on the board before turning in the direction of the business sector of city.

    Employer: Aya Valentine
    Position: Shop Floor Assistant
    Type of Job: Noncombat
    Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Sharp, Lateness is not tolerated without proper reason)
    Wage: 10.00 Credits (Raises based on number of months worked)
    Number of Openings: One Possible Opening
    Duties:  "Maintaining a friendly and cheerful yet professional work environment and taking care of customer needs. Also making sure to upkeep a tidy space when using the sewing areas and main shop space. Also being sure to assist customers in their purchases and rotating the items in the front window on a time."

    - Good work ethic.
    - Polite and Friendly disposition.
    - Able to use basic addition and subtraction.
    - Having a sharp sense of fashion.
    - Advanced skills in sewing.
    - Able to work well with other co-workers.
    - Honest and dependable.

    How to Apply:
    "Come to the Victorian Lily during operating hours (10:00 AM - 4:00 PM is preferable) to apply, it would be advisable to bring written description of previous job experience and able to explain your ideal of appropriate fashion and sewing skill. Be prepared for  to meet fellow coworkers and take a small tour of the premises. Interviews are on the spot."

    Taken Positions:

    Remaining Positions: One

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