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    Advertisement: Portal Breach Drive-In Grand Opening!

    Post by Knock Out on Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:58 pm

    Time: 1:30 PM
    Date: September 2, 0006

    Today was the day. Today was finally the day, the BIG day! Or...well, to be accurate, it was two days before the actual big day, but advertisement for it had to begin early! Otherwise, the grand opening for the Portal Breach Drive-In was going to be small. With the effort that Knock Out and his new employees had put into making this day happen, he'd rather it not all go to waste! Months of tireless work, nearly a Year's worth, had been put into making this Drive-In theater a reality. It started as an idle dream, and had now become something he'd pumped his own Energon into! Friday was going to be the start of something, and Knock Out was going to see it through to the end...

    The bright red mech was not burdened with bags this time, all he had on hand for this visit to the bulletin board was a simple piece of paper. Of course, it wasn't just a paper. Knock Out had once again made a trip to the printing store and printed off a brand new poster! It was laminated, freshly printed, and designed by the one and only Knock Out. Ah...he was so proud of it~! As he came to a stop in front of the board, the medic couldn't help but hold the poster in front of himself and look it over. Several copies had already been spread around the city but this one was for the bulletin board...to be located next to the local hot spot! This poster could mean a huge turn out for Friday, or a bust. Pressing the paper against his chassis gently, Knock Out's optics roamed the board before he found the job opening he had pinned up last month. Anyone who wanted to apply already had, and he considered the positions filled. With a harsh yank, he pulled the paper off of the board and sent the tacks flying into his waiting servo. Smirking to himself, he pressed the paper against the board and slid each tack into place, until the poster was on full display! Knock Out looked it over with a proud grin.

    The movie choices may have been a bit...odd, but the suggestion box had been rather empty, so Knock Out had decided to choose movies based on his own favorite genres. Zombie movie? Check. Comedic zombie movie? Double check! Racing movie with lots of action? Check-a-rooni! If anyone had a problem, there was always the suggestion box. Otherwise, the mech deemed his business here finished, though he gave the Sanctuary a curious glance. Perhaps he ought to pop in...just for a bit of 'advertisement'...leaving the board behind, the mech sauntered his way into the building of the Sanctuary.

    Starting this Friday, September the 4th!

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