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    Tonight Was Not Her Night

    Aradia Megido
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    Tonight Was Not Her Night

    Post by Aradia Megido on Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:35 pm

    What was the time? Perhaps it was early in the night? She guessed around eight 'o clock. What was the date? As far as she could remember, it was sometime when there was snow. The year was new, but she and Eridan were working on fixing her other robot self, to no avail. What she could definitely remember, oddly enough, there was a clothing sale. Of all the things Aradia could have remembered in order to make that ever-so-fleeting, ever-so-vague day closer and tangible to her more than a faint buzz on the back of her head, underneath unruly ringlets that could only be considered bed hair, it was that. Still, such a tiny memory fragment would prove useful, particularly after the glitch.

    In fact, the glitch happened right after Aradia woke up.

    As soon as the sun had just went down, bright yellow eyes opened, with slowly reddening irises flickering left and right, working in an erratic harmony. She was snug in bed, under dark gray comforters and soft fleecy cream sheets underneath, both making an odd but most comfy combination. Tonight was not her night. She had been quiet and less frequent, lost in her thoughts, thinking upon memories, what insights the voices had shared with her before she came here, and faces of friends often sharpened her dreams with vivid color, even if they were barely her friends, (assuming she could have even called them that). All she knew was that she needed to visit the Inn sometime. She missed the staff there and they were always so pleasant even in the terse haven known as the Sanctuary.

    But now the curly horned troll's mind was elsewhere, darting and dancing around and filled with bursting, bubbling ideas as of what the day would hold. So why was it that her legs slackened and that she relaxed slowly into the mattress, head resting on a worn out pillow, stains from spilt water still evident on its sham. Sinking into a numbing serenity, her eyes blinked and blinked yet again. Thin gray eyelids were struggling to keep open but these shutters were bound to close. At a standstill, she wondered how long it would have been since she had first started this fight. Always with a lot of stamina, she assumed it would have been easy to hold this off. Even though she was quieter and definitely in the background, she was still full of energy, off doing her own thing and exploring!

    However, tonight was not her night, so after what she assumed was an hour, unforeseen and invisible forces, as soft and gentle as gossamer but firm and thick as cable wire, pulled tiring folds of gray skin down upon her eyes. So it goes. The whole process was rather silent and peaceful, quick too, if Aradia were to say so herself.

    What came afterwards was far from peaceful. When consciousness and adrenaline finally came about to her, unease crept upon her in incessant humming. Sitting about and doing nothing (or more appropriately in her case, lying in bed) did not come easily to the child's character until these recent hazy days of lethargy. In the midst of her newly found confusion and the unease that felt like a huge slab of soft but heavy tension poking her back from behind, she decided to sit up and stretch. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.

    It felt nice but the unease did not cease. Instead, as she sat up and stretched, wiggling her toes as she stretched herself out. Such counting was all but in her head. While she could never be pleased by the situation, the rust blood did feel very well rested. Her joints were a little stiff and awkward, but she was fine. A groggy yawn was released without any protest and she tenderly covered her mouth to prevent it from saturating the air.

    Contemplating on what to do, Aradia opened her eyes and stifled a scream. "A-AH!?" What was going on? The bed she on looked like it was never used for months. A large, rusty metal spring nearly permeated the soft mattress tissue and the sheets were okay but faded. The fleece felt like it would fall apart in her hands like melting butter.

    More than slightly panicked, Aradia sprang up like a lamb frolicking in spring without any of the positive connotations whatsoever and she tried to explore her surroundings. There wasn't anything but the rubble on the ground, full of holes that looked scorched forcefully into the walls. The Hive was completely demolished, by something that looked like Ahab's Crosshairs, and she didn't understand why. She couldn't understand why, not even if she tried, and in that one moment, emotion heaved in her bosom, rising and falling alongisde her, as the Alternian breathed in and out to calm herself down. Thin lips sealed themselves, refusing to let out a sound. Her eyes, wide and overcome with shock, soon became full of questions. What should she do? Oh, Aradia Megido certainly did not know. All she knew was that she wanted to laugh and cry-- and she could do neither now.

    Tonight really wasn't her night, was it?

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