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    Grocery Run



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    Grocery Run

    Post by Minion on Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:28 am

    Time: 2:37 PM
    Date: August 26, 0006

    It was the end of the month, which meant it was time to grab some new groceries to start off the new month right. With a grocery list neatly written, a pat on the head for Cleo and a wave for Goldy, Mitchell Finley left the Inn and made his way towards the supermarket. Mitchell Finley stood at 6'5", with broad shoulders and long legs. Wavy black hair atop his head bounced with every step, sometimes dipping into his line of sight. He wore a pair of blue jeans, a long-sleeved green shirt and a black scarf, with some regular sneakers. Despite the summer heat, his attire did not seem to draw a sweat. His feet carried him along the pathway, the way he had walked to get to the Supermarket at least once a month. The food that the Inn provided really did keep him from needing to buy the same bulk of groceries he used to buy, as Mitchell Finley was not always Mitchell Finley. He was once a fish named Minion, and in some ways still was that very same fish. It was only with the help of a holographic watch that he did not look to be the same fish.

    Mitchell came upon the entrance to the supermarket and walked through the automatic doors. Large hands grabbed the handle of a shopping cart as he began to wheel it away, giving the workers a polite smile and a wave. "Hello!" As he started down the bread aisle, he stopped the cart and began to fish for his grocery list while the other hand leafed through the different bread loaves. No, no...yes! He plucked the wheat loaf of bread out of its spot and set it in the basket of his cart, then used both hands to unfold his list. Now let's see... Flour, sugar, eggs, wheat bread, turkey slices, steak fillets, honey baked ham, cat food, cat litter, fish food. Aha! One down, nine more to go! Mitchell smiled and gripped the handles tightly, the list now safely atop the loaf of bread. He turned into the aisle and continued down into the next, heading for the deli. It had been a while since he had met anyone new, was it possible that today could change that?

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