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    Wanted: Running Buddy



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    Wanted: Running Buddy

    Post by Aderyn on Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:52 pm

    This running alone business was for the birds. Aderyn tightened her ponytail as she stood before the board, looking through the various sheets of paper. Doubtful any of them appealed to her, but she was curious. In all of her moves, she learned bulletin boards were the best way to find out what’s what. Need furniture? Bulletin board. Selling your cheap car before going back to the States? Bulletin board. Needing to do PT, but want someone to keep you company? Well, join the military, or find a friend. She wasn’t wanting to join the military (was that even a choice, here?), so find a friend it was! Or a dog, but those required too much upkeep. A fish was a more realistic pet for someone like her at the moment. Of course, if this didn't pan out, she supposed she'd have to go find a good jogging breed. Or music, but, that wasn't quite what she wanted, either.

    She had hastily written up a quick request while standing there, her handwriting a bit less tidy than usual, but readable. An orange highlighter sprawled a quick title across the top. That’s a great way to catch a person’s eye. She looked for an older ad to cover, carefully setting a pin in each corner of the paper. It took a bit longer than it should’ve, as she wanted it perfectly smooth and straight. Satisfied, she put her hands on her hips, and grinned. There we go! She returned to her errands, a certain pep in her step as she jogged away.


    Requester: Aderyn

    Request Name: Running Buddy Search

    Type of Request: Non-Combat

    Description: Active person seeking a partner to run with. Preferably someone who will talk and can keep up, or aspires to become faster. Morning or evening runs, I can go with either one!

    Recommended Level: N/A

    Reward: Friendship, health, speed

    Additional Notes: If interested, please leave a note here, or find me at the Stock Pot Inn.

    Taken Slots:

    Remaining Slots: One

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