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    The Suggestion Box

    Knock Out


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    The Suggestion Box

    Post by Knock Out on 8/18/2015, 23:33

    thanks for the suggestion...

    In the center of the Drive-In property is a medium sized building, positioned to face the center of the movie screen. On the side of the building is a small wooden box with a hole in the top, and a little sign that reads 'Suggestion Box'. Alongside the box is a small stack of notecards and a pencil. Anyone is allowed to fill out a card and drop it in the box. The suggestion box is to be used either for suggestions in how to better the service, ideas for the theater, or for movie suggestions. Suggesting a movie that one wants to see can be useful for a romantic date, a fun night out with friends, or just for nostalgia’s sake! Knock Out will consider the suggestion and look for the movie. If the movie is found and is deemed acceptable, he will contact the person who suggested the movie. Use of the suggestion box for anything other than suggestions for movies or for the benefit of the theater will result in a closed suggestion box. Pornographic movies are not to be suggested. Otherwise, any genre is fine! The theater is open to everyone! Feel free to give out a suggestion!

    ((OOC note: If your character is inputting a movie suggestion, please abide by the 100 word limit. Include a time stamp at the top of your post. Also, please use the following format for your suggestion:

    [color=#69c8dd][b]Movie Suggestion:[/b][/color]
    [color=#69c8dd][b]Contact Information/Address:[/b][/color]
    [color=#69c8dd][b]Extra Notes:[/b][/color]

    ((Also! Please refrain from suggesting movies that contain characters that are or have been on the site, to avoid confusion. This includes; 9, The Harry Potter Series, The Last Airbender, The Hellboy Movies, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Batman Movies, Coraline, The Tron Movies, The Scooby Doo Movies, Aladdin, The Emperor's New Groove, The Fantastic Four Movies, The Toy Story Series, The Dredd/Judge Dredd movies, Megamind, The Men In Black Series, Monsters, Inc, Tangled, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Transformers Movies.))

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    Re: The Suggestion Box

    Post by Kev on 12/22/2015, 15:28

    ((This is both an IC suggestion for a movie, and an example of how one suggests a movie!))

    Time: Noon
    Date: December 22, 0006

    Normally, the alien wouldn't set foot in the Outer District without Fear directly by his side. But, when you were planning a surprise...well, you couldn't exactly bring someone along for that! Even if he may forget about it anyways...and so it was that Kev-Mak-Tarr, bundled up warmly, left for the Outer District! The Drive-In to be exact, and without an actual car, it was quite a walk. Sticking to the grass, with light patches of snow clinging onto it, Kev made his way down the highway like a hitchhiker until he found it. A sign that was...honestly hard not to notice. Large and with blinking little lights, Kev turned to the directed path and walked down it. He had been here once, for the horror movie marathon. His eyes lightly grazed the sign as he passed it, taking note of the movies to be shown that weekend. Interesting...

    Once he reached the building, the alien jogged up to it curiously. The inside of it was dark, the doors locked up tight. Kev craned his head around, kicking up a light dust on the dirt paths around the building. "Where is it..." He did a little turn around the building and then-- "Aha!" There it was! A little wooden box, on the side of the building! Walking up to it, the alien grabbed a notecard and a pencil. Filling it out eagerly, he shoved the paper into the slit on the top of the box and turned to leave. Time to walk back to the city and start his shift...

    Name: Kev-Mak-Tarr, prefer to be called Kev.
    Movie Suggestion: Pride and Prejudice (The BBC mini-series, please. Must be as British as possible!)
    Contact Information/Address: City Noise, in the Business District, I am the manager. You can find me there, as well as at [REDACTED] and you can contact me at the number [REDACTED].
    Extra Notes: I'd like for this movie to be shown January 10th, please : )

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