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    Job Openings At The Drive-In [CLOSED]

    Knock Out


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    Job Openings At The Drive-In [CLOSED]

    Post by Knock Out on Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:24 am

    Time: Noon
    Date: August 1st, 0006

    As great as it was to now have a business, let's be honest; no matter how handsome and great Knock Out was, he could not do this job alone. There was no way he could juggle a property that size, keeping everything in working condition, making food, taking orders, and getting the movie ready to be shown all at once. Not even getting into keeping the place clean! Thankfully, Knock Out didn't have to do this alone. Not so long as he had money, that is! Metal clattered against the cement as Knock Out maneuvered his way around the city. It was funny, he'd spent so much time on the outskirts of the city, he'd forgotten what this place was like up close. The sprawling skyscrapers that reached towards the sky, the startling contrast between oldie but goody cars and futuristic cars that hovered in the air. The mech almost missed this...the idle chatter that lingered in the air, the buzz in the air from all of the rampant technology. Out where the Drive-In resided, there was the ever present sound of traffic that was carried on the wind. Screeching tires, horns that honked wildly...but here, there was so much more activity. Especially with the Drive-In not necessarily being open yet, it was so quiet and empty aside from all of that.

    Hopefully things would fill up quickly, once it was opened to the public. Knock Out glanced down to the paper, smoothing it out between his long digits. A quick visit to a stationary store had seen to him making a nice little poster to get attention for the jobs he was offering. It had not taken long, and Knock Out was rather proud of the results! The mech turned his head and--aha! There it was! Grinning to himself, Knock Out lumbered in a slight job to the bulletin board. How many times had he perused this simple wooden board, peeking through every leaflet of paper for jobs that interested him? How many times had he come up flat, or found nothing to interest him? Now here he was, with a business ready to take off and offering jobs of his own. It was a delicious feeling, really. As if he was finally getting somewhere! ...Of course, the idea of being his own boss wasn't exactly a deterrent either. Slim digits moved to pluck several tacks, holding them between the fingers of one hand while the other placed his paper flat on the board's surface. Shamelessly, he covered a few older and expired job offers in the process. With a surgical precision, the tacks were stabbed into each corner. No creases or folds in the paper from the process, the poster looked as if it had been printed across the actual board. Knock Out stepped back to admire his work. Nodding to himself, he turned and shambled away, heavy gait belaying his path. Even with the shrinking ring, his metal body made more then enough noise. Now...to see who all would apply...

    Employer: Knock Out
    Position: Cashier/Vendors, Janitors, Cooks
    Type of Job: Noncombat
    Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
    Wage: Negotiable
    Number of Openings: 7 Possible Openings (3 Cashier/Vendor openings, 2 Janitor and 2 Cooks, jobs may be combined depending on applicants; i.e. switching between a cashier job and cooking in the back kitchen)
    Duties: "Anyone who applies for a job at the Drive-In is responsible for making the Drive-In a good experience for the people who come. The place must be clean, the food must be edible and delicious, and service must be reasonable. Now, that doesn't mean that the people who work for me must kowtow to any jerk who saunters in! But, orders should be taken correctly, and they should not take a long time. If the customer is unsure what to get, you should be able to offer suggestions. I will be able to handle mechanical repairs and projecting the movie, but everything else, I need assistance."

    - Available to work on weekend nights.
    - If working in the kitchen, should have reasonable knowledge about how to work with food.
    - If working as a janitor, should be a clean person. Laziness will not be tolerated.
    - If working as a cashier/vendor, should have good people skills.

    How to Apply:
    Anyone who is interested must come out to the Drive-In for an interview with Knock Out. The Drive-In is located in the Outer City, off of the highways. There is a large, blinking sign that leads to a road that leads to the plot of land. Here is a helpful link.

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