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    No More Mistakes



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    No More Mistakes

    Post by Fear on Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:15 pm

    Time: Early, Early Morning
    Date: August 11, 0006

    That had been... slightly less than stellar. Actually, that had been bad.

    That had been very, very bad.

    All around him were the strange, foreign sounds of mortals going about their daily chores; the panicked footsteps of someone running behind, the shrieks of crying children too bored and irritated to resume, the unintelligible background din of gossip and idle conversation... Barricaded ears distinguished these unsettling noises in vain as they tried to make sense of this long forgotten world; it all blurred together into one nightmarish mash and effort could no longer be spared. The consistent beeps of registers scanning merchandise was as outlandish as a leather-clad ghoul shambling up and down these bright, colourful aisles.

    But still he traversed them, nevertheless. Still he went up and down each and every row with unmatched diligence, hazy mind transfixed on one item and one item only. He wanted it. He needed it. There was no leaving this horrid place until he found what he sought. There was a creaky pause as ethereal eyes stopped to read a nearby sign.

    ...Though he reckoned that his item of interest would not be amidst canned goods and primary school snacks.

    His efforts were doubled in haste, as much as this wretched host could allow, and soon his search began anew. It wasn't until fifteen aisles later (and countless questionable glances) that the fiend struck pay dirt.

    Packets of shiny new pens...

    Thick pallets of bleach-white paper...

    Little pink rubbers...

    Rulers, protractors, bits and bobs...

    Ah, elation! No longer was he lost in a sea of iniquity, slogging past sinner after sinner. It was dreadfully hard for an animated corpse to successfully navigate something like a supermarket, you know? Now, where was it... It, the subject of his current fascination! Again, he searched high and low. Again, he hadn't the foggiest idea of where a sinner would put it. Should it not be near the paper? Or perhaps near the manila folders and like-minded stationary? Relief beget panic. It would help immensely if he could actually bloody see, for Go - oh! Oh oh oh! What's that over there, peeking out from a messy pile of cartoonish folders? Leathery soles eagerly made their way over and he was not disappointed.

    Big ones!

    Small ones!

    Some that were incredibly girly and not at all what he wanted! Oh, but this floral pattern was rather nice...

    Tut! Focus, focus. He lethargically shook his head and set aside the floral one, monstrous hands digging around in the bin. No, he came here for something specific... Something not too big and something not too flashy. Something that would fit in a pocket and get the job done. Something like... this! Yes, this will do nicely. As small as his thumb and compact enough to slip inside a pouch. It was perfect.

    ...But perfection had a price and that price was 1.10 PBD. Sigh, what was up with this world and its odd cents? How was anyone supposed to derive .10 out of a solid plastic card worth 5.00 PBD? ...How? Ah well, he thought. He found what he needed and would bother himself not with the logic or lack thereof. Let the register attendants figure it out.

    They didn't pay him enough to factor maths.

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