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    A new Plan



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    A new Plan

    Post by Bloodscream on Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:52 pm

    Time: Middle of the night
    Date: June 28, 2015

    What a bother.

    So many nights spent over books, making aches in his back...

    Remember the rats. Find and kill those rats. There must be a nest, a source...Rats don't behave like that normally. There must be something going on.

    But he had finally managed to find a solution, perhaps not the most perfect solution. Perhaps not the most fool-proof. But a solution none the less. Bloodscream was by no means a magician. While his origins were steeped in magic the practice itself had been lost on him since his rebirth. He was not a magical man, even if he was supernatural in his existence. What telepathic abilities he possessed were far and few in between as well, a natural resistence to psychic probing and that was it.

    No magic, no experience with the occult, no psychic abilities to even help him grasp some of the inner supernatural workings of what he was trying to do. Could such wards even be created by one such as himself? In some cases he knew that magic had to be a part of a person, had to be who they were. But in many cases it seemed that magic, new occult, could be practiced by any and could be affective so long as the caster "believed" that it woudl work. Belief was the true power there, it was the make or break ingredient of the wards he was trying to create.

    Invisibility, true invisibility was out of his grasp, he had no power. However he had wit and what he could not have in magic power he would make up in cleverness. "Turn invisible" changed in "To hide", technically something did not have to be invisible, only overlooked, only hidden. The ward if successful would cause the eye to gloss over, to allow the small cameras to blend into the background and hide them from the rats.

    Don't forget about the citizens, they seemed possessed.

    Or perhaps mezmerised. Something truly had been going on that night, someone was messing with him. And as he scratched the baleful rune into the camera he swore that he would teach them as his fingers burned ever so slightly. The final ward in place, to protect from evil if it should discover them.

    Sacking the dozens of cameras Bloodscream filled his pack and left.

    He would repeat the process in the sewers that night, and the ghetto, and he would take that next step in his final plan.

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