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    Post by Knock Out on Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:48 pm

    Time: 12:05 PM
    Date: November 22, 0005

    Jerry sat on the front porch of his trailer, a fractured plastic lawn chair beneath him. Every movement caused a creak, the old man knew that one day this thing was going to give out. As long as that day wasn’t today though, he didn’t mind. His old, tired eyes were fixed upon the horizon. When Knock Out had returned after their deal, he had been admittedly surprised. It would take a lot of work to fix this place up, and he seemed like a lazy nancy boy. True to his word though, he returned every day. They agreed to begin at noon and stop at about 6 pm. Today marked a week since their deal, and today would surely be the day that Knock Out would give up.

    Jerry checked his watch, squinting down at the hands of the clock’s face. Hmm…five minutes after 12. He reached over to grab a glass off of the little plastic table, a little drink of lemonade. The partially melted ice clinked against the glass as he sucked on the bendy straw. Seems he was right about that robot quitting. A shame…it would have been nice to see this place get some life into it, like the old days—


    The noise startled Jerry mid-sip, inhaling the lemonade in and down the wrong pipe. “S-shoot!” The old man slammed the cup down onto the plastic table, legs wobbling at the force, before he began to pound his fist into his own chest. He coughed hoarsely, turning his gaze to the reason for his little spill; a red sportscar that was racing down the dirt road and honking like an impatient bastard in a traffic jam. The tires kicked up dirt as the ca began to drift, skidding to a stop in front of Jerry’s trailer. The car had been parked before the usual noises began as it began to transform into a familiar robot figure.

    ”Sorry I’m late! The traffic was positively awful…what’s the matter with you?” Knock Out peered down at the hacking human, faux brow lifted up in a clinical manner. ”Are you coming down with one of those human illnesses?” Such a fragile immune system, those humans…

    Jerry scowled up at the crimson Cybertronian between coughs. ”No, you jackass! Your infernal honkin’ startled me, and my lemonade went down the wrong pipe!”

    ”I was honking to announce my arrival. And if it’s in the wrong pipe, why don’t you just unclug it?” Barely paying attention to Jerry’s coughing now, Knock Out fished out his ring and slipped it over a digit. Once he had shrunken down to a shorter height, he gestured for Jerry to follow.  [color:97ad=#CC0000”Well, come along then! We’re already late. Between the traffic and your frail pipes, we’re going to run behind.”

    Jerry took his sweet time following Knock Out, only following once he wa able to breath without wheezing. At least the robot hadn’t quit on him…not yet, at least.

    Time: 3:13 PM
    Date: December 30, 0005

    The mech peeked around the door, hinges squeaking awfully at the slightest movement. His optics roamed every bit of the room, taking notice of every single detail. That wasn’t even accounting for the smell, air floating up to his scent sensors. Knock Out recoiled, a servo clasping over his own mouth. ”UGH!” Just as quickly as he had begun to peek, the Cybertronian had pulled himself away from the door and ducked behind the wall next to the door. ”You’ll have to do this yourself! I can’t even bear to look!”

    Both fists situated firmly on his hips, the old man frowned at the cowering robot. ”It’s just a bathroom, you finicky little…” The rest of his sentence dissolved into irritated grumbles before he threw his hands up in the air. ”It’s been left to ruminate for years, what’d you think it was gonna look like and smell like?! Spring and sunshine?!”

    Knock Out turned to face Jerry with a scowl. ”Oh, I knew exactly what it was gonna smell like! And that’s why you’re the one who’s going to clean this mess!”

    The old man sputtered, aghast. ”What do you mean I’m the one that’s gonna clean it?! You’re the fool who wanted to fix this place up!”

    The Cybertronian pointed an accusing finger at the man, standing himself up to stare Jerry down. The digit lightly poked Jerry’s chest. ”It’s your disgusting species that made this mess!”

    Jerry batted at the mech’s hand. ”My species?! What, like robots don’t piss and shit?”

    ”As a matter of fact, we don’t!”

    ”That’s a crock of shit, how can a robot consume things and not crap it out?!”

    ”Energon is an important FUEL, it literally powers our bodies and acts as our blood! Do humans make excrement out of blood?!”

    ”Sometimes we do!”

    The arguing continued, wasting time that could have been spent cleaning. It was not the first time, not the last. Eventually the two of them came to an agreement; if Knock Out cleaned up the kitchen for the concessions, Jerry would clean the men’s and women’s bathrooms, with the extra addition that if repairs were needed, Knock Out would assist Jerry.

    Time: 4:32 PM
    Date: January 08, 0005

    Man and Cybertronian were seated out on the grass in front of the concession stand, each one holding a drink. Jerry had a can of beer in one hand, Knock Out had a cue of Energon. The old man was seated upon one of the plastic chairs that he’d dragged over from his trailer, while Knock Out settled himself out on the grass. The chair probably would have broken under his aft. Another day of work, another couple of hours spent fixing up the concession building and the bathrooms inside. Now, all was silent. No more hammers, drills. No more cursing in the air. Only a gentle breeze, and the sounds of sipping.

    Jerry in particular was glancing over the poles and parking spaces for the cars, a distant look in his eye as he came across one space in particular. ”Did I ever tell ya I took my wife on a date here?” He asked suddenly. ”Back before she was my wife, that is.”

    ”Hm?” Knock Out pulled the cube away from his mouth as he glanced at the old human. ”No, I don’t think you have.”

    ”Heh…” Jerry gestured with his can to the parking space, a mere three spaces away from the building and aligned so that they could see every corner of the screen. ”It was right there. Our first date, I was working here back then as a cashier. I knew her from high school, always really liked her. Saved up the money and asked her out. She said yes. I can’t remember what we watched, I think it was a cheesy horror movie…but we had fun. Afterwards, she’d ask to come back, ask what other movies we had. She really liked this place. I liked it too, but she…she loved it.”

    Knock Out listened, almost awkward. The rituals of humans, particularly the romantic kind, were…well. Odd. Cybertronians weren’t exactly the most romantic species out there, and Knock Out certainly wasn’t a romantic. Oh sure, he could admire the make and model of other mechs, perhaps even the personalities of them…but let’s be honest. No one could be as great as Knock Out himself, and Knock Out would only have the best! Even if the best was himself! ”She sounds nice.” The mech commented, more out of some sense of obligation to respond then any actual commentary on the woman.

    Jerry merely nodded his head. ”Yes she was. She was a good woman…when I’d worked my way up to be Manager, and the boss wanted to close the place down when he’d become disinterested in the business, she inspired me to take it on myself. She even got some money from her folks, telling them it was a business investment. She wasn’t exactly wrong…I took the money to my boss, told them I could take the place over, and suddenly I was my own boss.” He took a brief sip of his beer before he continued. ”Not long after, I proposed. We had a few more ‘dates’ here when we were husband and wife, nice private ones…needless to say, at least one of our children was conceived here.”

    ”Ugh!” The mech made a great show of placing his cube down onto the grass and folding his arms. ”The very idea of you interfacing here has ruined my appetite.”

    Jerry slapped a knee and grinned, turning his head finally to look at Knock Out. ”You really are one of the sissiest robots to ever be built!” He chuckled deeply, taking another swig once it had subsided. ”She started working with me here too. I figured it was fair enough since she’d helped to pay for it. No matter how many people came to see the movies, or how few, she just enjoyed herself. I enjoyed it too.” Jerry stared down into his beer, watching the brown liquid swish about within the can. ”S’long as she was here, I didn’t mind how much the business suffered as time went on. It was all worth it, to see her smile when the projector came on.”

    Knock Out tilted his head up at the old man. He was hearing a ‘but’ coming…there was a very distinct lack of a wife here in the Breach. Sure enough, the older man slouched in his chair with a sigh. ”She started getting sick…eventually we found out it was cancer. She tried to hold on as long as she could but…eventually she just couldn’t hold on, you know? Our kids were supportive after she was gone…but none of them wanted to take on the Drive-In. It was our passion, not their’s. They had their own lives, families, careers…and without my wife, my passion had faded too. It wasn’t the same without her and…I let it go.” He waved a hand across the horizon, gesturing across the area. Before them, the screen was still discolored and tangled with ivy, as well as some snow sitting across the top.

    ”…” Knock Out kept his gaze stubbornly situated on the ground, fiddling with a few blades of grass. He’d always figured Jerry had a chip on his shoulder about something, and he’d mentioned his wife in passing before, along with a couple of the kids. This particular talk had been the most information he’d gotten from Jerry’s life before the Breach. So focused was the mech on keeping his gaze on the ground, that he didn’t notice Jerry until the man had laid a hand on Knock Out’s shoulder. He jolted, and looked up to see that Jerry had reached over to put a hand on him, face looking more tired than he had ever seen him.

    ”I underestimated you, Knock Out. Even though yer a robot, you have the same passion for this place that my wife had, and that I used to have. I imagine she’d be upset at me for letting her Drive-In become such a run-down wreck…you’re my last chance to make it up to her. Make this place like new again and…and maybe let it have new life in this crazy place.” The hand on Knock Out tightened, not that the mech really felt it, but he could see a growing sense of urgency in Jerry’s eyes. ”Don’t let me down. Don’t give up on this place.”

    ”I…” Knock Out blinked up at Jerry, before clearing his throat and shrugging the man’s hand off. ”Of course I won’t! We’ve been working hard on this place, why would I give up now?” He grinned a charming smile, even a little smug.

    Jerry nodded his head in approval. ”Good.” The two of them looked forward, and it became quiet once more.

    Time: 1:43 PM
    Date: May 12, 0005
    Location: Paint Store, Business General

    ”And what exactly is wrong with this brand?”

    ”It’s the store brand!”


    ”Only desperate poor people buy the store brand! Store brand is cheap, easy to make. This paint won’t last more than a week before it starts to peel off!”

    ”And you think your fancy brand is gonna last any longer? It’s overpriced nonsense!”

    ”Overpriced nonsense?!”

    The squabbling Cybertronian and human had attracted more than a bit of attention, customers staring at the two of them. A concerned mother glared at them, hands covering the ears of her son as the squabbling became a bit more vulgar. Hushed whispers from a few of the other customers led to one svelte anthro deer running to grab an employee. A three eyed alien with bright orange skin approached the two of them, wearing a bright yellow smock.
    ”Excuse me? You two are creating a disturbance. If you cannot settle down, I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

    Both males turned to face the employee and promptly shoved two different cans of paint into his arms.
    ”Tell him that that fancy stuff is no better than the store brand!”

    ”Tell him that the general brand is for cheap people that don’t care about quality!”

    The wonders of retail. The employee sighed and eyed both brands critically. ”The store brand is a lot lower in quality than a majority of the brands we carry-”

    ”In your face, Jerry!” Knock Out bragged with a grin.

    ”-And this expensive brand, you are paying more for the name than anything else.” The employee finished, all three eyes glaring at Knock Out as Jerry Hook grinned back at a dumbfounded Knock Out.

    ”I told you so, you uppity trash can!”

    Knock Out held out both hands, at a loss. ”Well, if your brand is slag and my brand overpriced, what kind of paint should we buy!? There’s at least 30 other brands here…”

    The attendant cleared his throat, and the two of them looked over him with raised brows. ”That’s what I’m here for, gentlemen.” Handing their respective cans back to them, he turned around to face the shelf that carried several cans of paints in all colors. His fingertips lightly grazed each can as he breezed through them, before finding a certain brand with the same color as both of the cans they had thrusted into his chest. He held it out for both to see. ”This brand is pretty reliable. The paint doesn’t flake off easily, so long as you use several coats, and it’s a fair price.”

    The two of them leaned in, examining the can and sharing a glance.

    ”I guess if it’s not that expensive…”

    ”And the paint really is quality…”

    ”We’ll take it.”

    Time: 11:56 AM
    Date: June 21, 0006

    The building that stood in the center of the Drive-In’s land plot was perhaps the hardest thing to fix up. Of course,
    Jerry had anticipated that. Broken windows, weather damage to the outside and some of the inside, the toilets had to be replaced and so did many of the kitchen appliances. They escalated from simply ‘not working’ to ‘falling apart at the seams’. Everyone knew the concession items were important, and if there was no food to eat? You might as well have starving customers. Knock Out had insisted on splurging on the appliances as well, though Jerry had given in to that. He didn’t want to hear about anyone getting food poisoning after all. The paint was a different story, considering that it just went on a wall. He was sure that no one would take a look at the building, realize it had been painted with cheap paint, and turn right back around to leave. The robot was just picky.

    Though Jerry had to admit that the place was looking swell. The inside and outside of the building looked as new as ever, sparkling and ready to be used. The projector booth at the front had been tinkered with too, the Cybertronian working to make sure that he could use various methods to show films. Whether it was by the old fashioned movie reel, or by DVD, Bluray and even VHS, Knock Out had all of the wires set up in there to make sure it’d play. They had also come to the conclusion that, since most people didn’t seem to have cars here, they ought to make it so someone wouldn’t need a car to watch. According to Knock Out, the popular thing was to get out of the car and sit outside anyway. Speakers had been installed around the property, especially near the front, so that anyone sitting outside could hear the movie with clarity. The only issue was whether they would have to sit on the ground or not, though right on time, Jerry could hear the signature sound of a roaring engine and screeching tires. Oddly enough however, Knock Out wasn’t alone…Jerry walked out onto the grass and scratched the top of his balding head curiously as Knock Out transformed while a pick up with a loaded truck bed chugged in after him, a trailer also hitched to the back.

    ”Hey Jerry! This is the man from the store, he helped me bring my purchases back!” Knock Out greeted with a bright wave, still standing to his usual height several stories above Jerry’s head.
    Jerry squinted, used to Knock Out’s less loud and closer voice as opposed to this one. It sounded like a giant or something, the way it reverberated around the property and bounced off the walls. ”Purchases? What did you get?”

    Knock Out grinned and gestured for the truck to come closer, and turn to the side to reveal several picnic tables and lawn chairs/tables were layered inside. Brand spanking new, the plastic reflected sunlight while the wood of the picnic table looked freshly cut. ”Tada! People can still bring a blanket if they wish, but now they have these they can sit at! We can scatter them around the front and the middle, focused primarily near the building. No one’s going to want to sit in the far back! So what do you think, best idea you’ve ever seen or what?”

    Jerry stepped forward, running a palm down the length of wood on one of the benches. It really was a good idea, but he couldn’t give Knock Out too much credit. The damn peacock would never shut up, then. Ego would grow to the side of a planet… ”Eh…it’s good enough. It’ll work.” Jerry didn’t even hide a grin when the mech scoffed and rolled his optics. ”Come on, let’s go set this up.”

    Time: Noon
    Date: July 15, 0006

    And so it had come…the last day. All of his things had been packed, secured inside of the trailer and hitched to the back of his pick-up. Jerry stood at attention next to it, giving one final look to the stretch of land. The grass had been mowed, new sand had been poured in to make it more even, the screen had been given a fresh coat of paint and the tangled weeds that surrounded it before had been pulled away. This place had been given new life, and if Jerry squinted his eyes just so…he could almost see his wife, looking over the plot of land with a relieved smile. ”I hope yer proud of me now, Dee…” He mumbled, bringing a hand up to stubbornly rub at
    his eye. Just a bit of sand of course, it got in there and made it irritated, that’s all…

    Tires crunched to the side of him, Jerry taking a deep breath in to turn and face the fancy sports car that he’d first thought to be some punk’s car. There was no pomp and circumstance in his arrival today, instead there was something respectful about the way he drove in carefully, transforming and shrinking down to hold a large bag in his sharp hands. ”Today’s the day, huh?”


    ”No more repairs…no more listening to you curse every time you managed to hammer yourself in the hand.” The mech jibbed, grinning slightly as he attempted to ruffle the older man’s feathers. Jerry’s face remained stoic though, and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, the mech gestured to him beseechingly. ”Well…? How much?”

    The price to finally hand over the Drive-In… to be fair, Jerry had never had a set price in mind. The price rose and fell within his mind with every achievement and pitfall the robot had been a part of or had a hand in. And of course, he had measured his participation and work. The old man scratched at his facial scruff idly. ”500 credits.”

    ”500?!” Knock Out gaped, it was a good amount, definitely not cheap, but Knock Out
    had been figuring on something in the thousands range.

    ”You heard me.” Jerry reiterated, a hint of a smile on his face as he held a hand out. The mech picked out every credit and placed it into the man’s hand, who stashed it away in his own pockets.
    ”That ought keep me going good…you take care of this place, ya hear? Don’t kill any of your customers.” Jerry turned to walk away, and Knock Out stared after him.

    ”…That’s it?! That is how you say GOOD BYE?!” The mech screeched, almost indignant that Jerry’s last words to him were a warning not to kill a customer, as if he were a child!

    Jerry smirked, turning to face Knock Out. ”Who said this was good bye, dipshit? I’ll be back! Have to make my own inspections of this place…see if you play good movies or not.”

    ”Oh…” Can’t say he was expecting that, but it cheered him up. The Cybertronian clasped his hands together. ”Well! I will see you around Jerry, enjoy your retirement!”

    ”Will do!” With a brief wave, he continued to his truck, opening the door to climb into the driver’s side.

    ”Don’t break your back!” Knock Out jeered. Jery huffed and sent Knock Out a friendly ‘gesture’ as he drove away. Leaving the Drive-In as the owner, set to return as a customer.


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