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    A Place to Hide

    Post by K.A.R.R. on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:16 am

    Time: Afternoon
    Date: August 18, 0005

    She says shes an 80s baby
    She goes for the bad boy type
    She says shes an 80s baby
    In the club she dance all night...

    For the past few moments the AI had been letting this particular station echo about the confines of his cabin, synthetic harmonies reminiscent of the time he had originated from. Yet, at the same time the AI could not help but note that it was not all that similar as well, analog and yet far more clear and crisp. However, the previous details were but mere scrutinous evaluation compared to the lyrics, telling of a man who was infatuated with a woman who did nothing but take drugs and dance. Across the air waves of California, he had yet to come across this sort of music, unfiltered by monitors and left to play as is. KARR scanned over the name of the station once more, its frequency associated with what was called a retro station.

    Retro... Was he truly that old in comparison to this world? Enough of a relic that the decade which he had been activated in had now been 'brought back' as some sort of trend?

    Asphalt crunched under his tires at the AI turned a corner on the business district street, his scanners picking out a particular building. Past the storefronts and restaurants, beyond shopping centers and grocery stores, the AI pressed further until the city traffic began to thin out. Past Terabyte Avenue, the business district gave way to a more industrialized area, a place that sat on the outskirts of the abandoned market. It was not so much run down as it was merely left alone, a few warehouses left over from whatever event had claimed this particular area of the district.

    As he passed by the towering structures, KARR switched off the synthetic harmonies, finding himself both disinterested in the singer's insensible lyrics and the possibility that he was indeed past his 'prime' before he had even been active for very long. On top of that, the harmony was not all that enjoyable to begin with, he decided. Turning another corner, the AI found himself on PIM Drive, and his scanners started going over each of the warehouses he came across, reading off the numbers.

    51339... 51340... 51341... Ah, there it was.

    Warehouse 51344, currently empty until a business decided to make use of it again. Activating his override features, KARR lifted the garage door as he pulled up to it, rolling in with a dull whine that echoed off the spacious interior. Inside, it was empty for the most part, a few discarded boxes were laying about, filled with nothing but air and equally discarded shredded paper that the AI could only figure was used for cushioning for whatever was supposed to be inside. From the input he had gained from his olfactory sensors and his scanners when he had initially happened upon the place, it apparently had once been used for storing paint and varnishes. A few telltale splatters from the occasional clumsy handling still stained the floor in usually small but colorful patterns. Likely these were the places that the custodians could not reach, back when there were still shelves.

    That aside, the place was quite open, large enough to drive around in its confines and park as he wished, which tended to be at the wall outlet that was situated on a far wall. Ungraced by windows or nearby doors, the AI deemed it to be the most secure corner of the building and therein fit to be graced by his presence for recharge. he closed the door with a rattle of steel plating, locking it down for the time being while he idled over to his corner for a restful recharge.

    However, the AI was not alone in his humble temporary abode, his secondary body sat slumped next to him, like a puppet with cut strings. To his other side, another robotic form took up the second wall socket. Covered in dull, unpainted plating, this machine was none other than a robotic servant from the Tech Dome. A simple machine for simple purposes, this one was merely here to act as a second set of hands for whenever he decided to change over between his two bodies but held little interest in a long drive out to the wastelands to do it.

    Yes, this place was certainly a comfortable home away from home, away from home. As he plugged himself into the wall socket for the afternoon, KARR took one last surveillance scan of the streets outside for suspicious activity before letting the glow of his amber scanner grow dark.

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