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    Picnic Party In The Park!



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    Picnic Party In The Park!

    Post by Kev on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:42 pm

    Time: 6:25 PM
    Date: June 23, 0006

    Leaving directly from work, Kev had used the computer upstairs to create a new flyer. Flyers had already been put up by Livewire, and Kev definitely adored them. One flyer, adorned with very sunny, cheery pictures of people having a good time in the park. People enjoying food, kicking around a soccer ball, there were several pictures that may have been recognizable as a few people on the Breach. The other flyer was written in a very curvy, clean script. The writing spoke of a picnic party in the park, and had a border in the same sort of curvy print. The border was made up of different picnic food items, and picnic items. If one looked very closely, they may spy a sheep headed figure eating grass, while on another, two tall, spindly people were kicking a ball around. Both of the flyers were great, especially compared to the flyer Kev had made. That was a disaster. But, Kev had made a new flyer! It wouldn't be nearly as artsy as the flyers that had been put around the city, but it would have more information for the picnic party.

    It had taken much struggling with the computer open the 'document' program, but after getting a bit of assistance, he'd been able to do the rest of what he needed. Typing wasn't hard, after all! ...Though he needed help to print it, getting a customer to assist him. Now he had a flyer to put up, and the alien had a bounce in his step as he approached the bulletin board. His eyes roamed the board, looking for a clear spot to put the flyer up. Job requests...spar requests...challenges...he spied one of Livewire's delivery advertisements, chuckling to himself. There was the Tavern. And...Olabisi? Kev perked up onto his tiptoes, leaning forward to read the pinned advertisement. Olabisi could mend clothes? Huh! There was something to consider... The alien glanced down at his flyer and held it up with one hand, the other reaching for a few tacks. Pinning two of them to start off with between his finger tips, rolling them down to land into the palm of his hand and rolling them down the length of his index finger to pin them between his thumb and index finger.


    Two more...


    There! All four sides were tacked, pinning it completely to the board. With a nod to himself, Kev turned around, beginning to walk away. Oh, he couldn't wait!

    Picnic Party!

    Do you want to get out, meet some new people or even some old friends? If so, please come out to the park this Saturday! Livewire and I, Kev, have been organizing a get-together in the park. There will be food, drinks, and fun! We will have footballs(soccer balls for the Yanks) to kick around with, as well as a couple of other activities. Everyone is welcome to come! Note: This means everyone.

    When: Saturday, June 27 at noon
    Where: Central Park, Portal City
    Do I need to bring anything?: You do not need to bring anything if you do not want to. However, some of the people who have already expressed an interest in coming has agreed to bring food or drinks to the party! If there's anything you really enjoy eating, or that you'd want to share with others, go ahead and bring it. Just be mindful of possible food allergies. Also, if you have any party games, board games or other games one can play outside, you can bring it if you wish.

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