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    The Pitt

    Post by K.A.R.R. on Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:34 am

    Time: 4:00 PM
    Date: August 15, 0004


    A shrill whine approached, accompanied by the crunch of dust grinding under tires. Dust billowed up after its passing, partially shrouding the glossy, sleek form that made its way through the desert's baking heat and relentless sun. Unlike the grasslands, not a cloud could be seen here, leaving both the harsh light and searing heat that came with it without any merciful shade to be found. The shrill whine increased in volume as the passing pilgrim powered over a rock face, wherein it dwindled and abruptly went silent.

    The only sound that came from it was the quiet yet rough whoosh of the amber scanner upon the vehicle's nose as it paced to either side. As the dust started to clear, the desert's newest visitor could be discerned; a two toned Trans-Am, black with a silver stripe going along the bottom half. Though its form tended more towards a reflective gloss, its travels had managed to dilute it with a thin coat of dust. As to be expected, for KARR's journey had taken him off the paved roads characteristic of the highway and onto a less developed terrain. Through miles of sand and dust, past buttes and through dunes, the AI had driven himself on a gravel road for most of his journey once coming off the freeway. Only when he came within a few miles of it, did he take a turn off the road completely and sought his own path through the wastes until he came upon his vista.

    It, was a refinery, situated in the space where the mountains ended and the wastelands began. A rather ambitious one at that, for where there was sand and dust sat a quarry, spiraling into the ground. Nothing but sand was being extracted and carted out by the truck-full. Another road stretched from the refinery to another area, it's purpose revealed as KARR scanned one of the incoming trucks, laden with fresh clay. Where there were mountains, a reinforced tunnel dug its way into the solid rock of its base, with trucks rumbled out with their dumping beds filled to the brim with a dark stone, which a quick scan identified it to be none other than hematite. Raw iron by any other name. A area was set aside for holding the broken down and cleaned pellets, the pile growing bigger by the day as trucks dumped load after load of freshly made ones. In the center was a massive conveyor belt, which shoveled in the raw ore greedily to an ever burning furnace to be melted down. The rest occurred within the refinery building itself. As for the product, the AI witnessed sheets by the truck load being carted away, no longer iron, but steel. The ceramics area of the property proved to be more underwhelming, as the trucks carted away various sizes of ceramic tiles to be used in another factory.

    A rather promising area, the AI decided, but what of it's internal details? Thankfully this place was not as locked down as the chemical plant had been. Likely ores were far simpler to create and their manufacture was therein widely dispersed. With that in mind, surely no one would miss this single operation if it happened to go silent, especially since law enforcement stayed to the city limits and any local "heroes" tended to hold little interest in leaving from under their watchful eye. "Very promising indeed..." KARR said to himself, wasting no time in getting a comprehensive scan of the complex, both inside and out.

    Multiple kilns were lined up like as if the architect wished to make an entire wall out of them, each one was massive enough to fit large, industrial sized quantities of ceramics within and pull them out ready to be sold, or prepped for another firing depending on what was being made in that part of the refinery. All of it amounted to tiles however, ranging in various sizes for different tasks.

    His scanners turned to the refinery, where the inside of the building was a massive, super heated structure devoted to forging molten metal and shaping it into sheets, likely for an automotive plant of some kind, as he analyzed the size of the massive rolls as they were secured to the bed of a semi-truck before being hauled off to the city.

    Yes, this would fare nicely, KARR decided, placing his newly made map of the complex within his databanks before starting his turbines once again with a shrill whine. Backing down from his sandstone vantage point, KARR quickly made a 180 turn and set off to the tech dome once more. There were plans that needed to come to fruition...

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