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    Sand in the Fur



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    Sand in the Fur

    Post by Nym on Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:47 pm

    June 1st, Year 6
    10 AM


    So this was the beach, huh? The place to be during the summer, from what Nym could remember. He had seen the ocean before, but he had never stepped foot or paw on the white sands and really looked out to enjoy the scenery. It was... nice. The sand felt good under his large clawed feets while the sun warmed his fur and the salty sea breeze left a cool sensation. Leaving large tracks in the sand, Nym walked along the coastline and shivered whenever the tide rushed past his legs to reach along the shore. It washed up other things, as well, like shells and some crabs that caught Nym's eye, but knew better than to stuff his nose right in the crab's space, less he'd get a good pinch.

    The further up the coast Nym walked, the more he found. Lots of seagulls wandering the sands, looking for anything to pick up and munch on... he knew they weren't kind birds, and allowed himself the opportunity to chase some down. The sand made his start up a little delayed, but once he found his ground, the digital monster rushed along the sands and ran right into all of the seagulls, snapping his maw at them and chasing them away. As they flew off, the itch to chase them and take one down grew inside the furry beast, but he controlled himself and let them be. Birds weren't the cleanest of creatures, and wasting his energy to nab one wouldn't be worth it.

    With a few more steps, the sun's reflection on the water made the ocean glimmer and shine, and Nym looked out, wondering what it'd be like under the ocean. This thought, however, went immediately to something else; the thought of everyone sitting on the sands and looking out at the ocean as well. Kev, Zurg... Aya. But she couldn't enjoy the sun, could she? He hadn't seen the three of them in a while, now that he thought about it. Nym wondered if they were doing alright...

    "I will have to do a lot this summer," the monster growled lowly to himself, but not in an irritated way... more of a realization. I'll visit everyone, and see how they're doing. Maybe I... should try and be around more often in the city, as well... he thought to himself, though his lip curled as he thought of staying in the city for long periods of time. The only reason he'd ever stay long would be to see his family and friends. I've been out here alone long enough. It will not hurt me to stay in the city for a few weeks.

    The Digimon nodded to himself, agreeing with his thoughts as continued walking along the coast. The furry dragon clawed at a spot of sand with his paws before turning and curling up in a nice spot to sunbathe. The area was perfect for a cat-nap, and Nym's wings spread out in a long stretch before they rested on the sand. It was a relaxing feeling, that inner peace coming through once more.

    Hopefully the seagulls won't make a perch of him, though...

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