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    No Outpost Too Far



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    No Outpost Too Far

    Post by Grodus on Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:32 am

    Time: 5:00 PM
    Date: 5/31/2015

    Grodus could swear he still felt the headache from the shenanigans in the Sanctuary early this morning, but thankfully the cold air of this region was helping to keep things subdued. It was a surprise waking up earlier with a pillow and blanket; probably Kev had given them to him. Then again Kev was feeling the consequences of all that drinking more than he was until the end, maybe it was Fear who did it?

    He vaguely remembered something about a drinking contest, though what he promised if he lost was downright crystal clear. To allow Fear to use whatever power he wanted...? Grodus cursed his own foolishness as he stormed out of the Sanctuary, then after calming down somewhat, he hoped the ghoul would have too many holes in his memory to remember said promise. He had the feeling he wasn't that lucky, though.

    At any rate, the technomage puttered about the city for a short while, before deciding to head out to his next destination. Grodus wasn't sure of Keelhaul Key or Poshley Heights existing on the Breach, but from his research into finding a new lair months ago, he knew there was a tundra region to the far north of the city. It was the best chance he had of possibly finding Fahr Outpost, so he ventured out into the wilds once again.

    The snow here wasn't as high as it could be during the winter months, but it was certainly still present. There was a thin layer of ice atop most of it from the melt and freeze cycle of spring, the mage's boots crunching through it as he trudged along. It wasn't quite as quiet here as it was in the other areas he checked, but there was still a certain air of isolation. A bad sign to be sure, but still Grodus pressed on, hoping to find something of note soon.

    For the longest while, the technomage himself was probably the only thing that stood out amidst the sea of white, but eventually he sighted something very strange indeed. Was that a huge cannon sticking out over the treetops? Grodus heard rumors of said cannon, of just how powerful it was, but he never expected it to be that big. Was that how Mario somehow reached the X-Naut Fortress? He picked up his pace a bit, now knowing the Outpost was just a short distance away.

    Unfortunately, when he arrived there, there were no Bob-ombs milling about around the cannon as there should have been. Spying a few intact buildings just beyond the cannon, Grodus moved ahead, though he failed to notice that his own footprints in the snow were the only ones in the area so far.

    He checked inside every last bunker-like building to find anyone of note, only to come up empty-handed yet again. When the technomage stepped out into the snow again, he swore he felt something break within him, though his systems reported no damage. Suddenly the silence seemed to press even more strongly against him. Swiftly growing overwhelmed, Grodus turned from the buildings and ran.

    The mage only got as far as the base of the cannon before dropping to his knees in the snow. His staff was downright freezing due to the low temps, but he started clinging to it anyway, as it was the only thing he had to hang onto. A faint whimper escaped him just before he started thinking aloud, his voice sounding more and more broken the longer he spoke. "I-- I'm the only one left? All these places brought here, and yet not one other soul was dragged along as well? I'm to continue existing here, all alone?"

    Grodus began to tremble as he sat there in the snow, trying so hard to keep his emotions in check, but in the face of this his despair ultimately won out. First a few choked sobs escaped him, but after that there was no stopping the technomage from letting out his sorrows.

    Eventually he had nothing more to release, and shakily regained his footing. Grodus regarded his surroundings as if he saw right through them, the especially observant might say he had a thousand yard stare if he turned his eyes upon them. Without anything more to see here, the technomage turned away from the empty outpost to begin the long trek back to Portal City . . . his thoughts beginning to turn self-destructive all the while.

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